Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: Cast, Plot, Release Date and Everything to Know


Nine-Nine! It’s official! Season 8 is a go, and we’ve got everything you need to know about it.

NBC’s hit sitcom, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is returning for its eighth season. The news was officially announced on the show’s Instagram account. The IG post depicts some of the prominent cast members celebrating as they’ll be coming back again next year.

“We want you to come back.” These six words coming from NBC executives were all it took to send Nine-Nine fans jumping with joy. But to be honest, it really didn’t come as a surprise given its eight-year-long run of impressive ratings. The show currently has an average of 95% on Rotten tomatoes.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ has a sea of followers and fans. In fact, the previous season saw viewership ballooning to a whopping 6.4 million overall. The show is doing so well that it would be more surprising if it won’t get renewed for a 9th or even a 10th season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: Plot

Season seven was filled with the usual shenanigans fans have come to love. But apart from all the gag and humor, the show also tackles social issues. Sexism and police brutality are two of several real-life issues that were addressed in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Plot: Social Issues

For season eight, the show will focus more on the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, details were circulating that four episodes of Season 8 will highlight this issue.

Andre Braugher, who portrays the intimidating Captain Raymond Holt, said this in a recent podcast interview:

“It’s a complicated subject, but I think the police have to be portrayed much more realistically, in terms of the convention. ‘Police breaking the law is okay because somehow it’s in the service of some greater good,’ is a myth that needs to be destroyed,” 

Braugher also praised creator Dan Goor for his excellence in keeping the show’s content fresh and entertaining. He also added that Goor will come up with something that will not focus solely on comedic fantasy. For season 8, the show will also tackle real-life scenarios that we are currently facing.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Plot: Taking a Turn?

Andre Braugher’s statement only implies that season eight of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ will be different this time. Specifically, they’re going to have to deal with what people know about the real New York Police Department. 

Can the hit sitcom sustain the seriousness of the matter they’re about to depict? We don’t know for now. But if the show managed to pull it off, it could potentially be a groundbreaking season for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ 

However, there could also be the potential for backlash. People might not like that the show explored new grounds, which would taint its impressive reputation. It’s going to be a coinflip, but that’s what the staff and the cast are willing to take.

Apart from the Black Lives Matter movement, the global pandemic will also be touched and incorporated into season eight. In fact, Dan Goor confirms that aside from BLM, the coronavirus pandemic will certainly be another issue that they will look to incorporate in the upcoming season. 

In Goor’s latest statement, he claims that there will be a series of challenges if they decide to pursue the idea of incorporating the real-life global crisis. In a recent interview, Goor acknowledges the importance of showmanship. But at the same time, he also wants the show not to be ignorant of the current issues that the world is dealing with. 

The challenge for Goor and the rest of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is how they can incorporate all of these elements while still retaining the core comedic concept of the show. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Plot: Baby Mac

We know that we’re getting too serious here. So we’ll lighten up the mood by showing some escapist elements that will be present in season 8. Season 7 ended with the rest of the Nine-Nine squad welcoming Jake and Amy’s newborn baby. According to Goor, baby Mac will play an important role in season 8.

Goor also said that whatever plans they have in store for season 8, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ will always remain a workplace show. All the core concepts that viewers have come accustomed to will remain the same. 

The addition of baby Mac will be an interesting dynamic; however, as Goor explains they’re trying to strike a similar balance while being conscious of the fact that Jake and Amy now have a kid.

“I think it’s an interesting element to have,” Goor says. “Both Jake and Amy will be figuring out how to balance their careers while being good parents, which is what they want to be.” It’s safe to say that season 8 will be filled with new elements that will make it more interesting.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8: Cast

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ stars Andy Samberg as the immature yet amazing detective-slash-genius Jake Peralta. Alongside him is a superb roster of well-loved characters played by great actors. The cast will include the same ensemble, featuring. 

  • Melissa Fumero (as Amy Santiago)
  • Stephanie Beatriz (as Rosa Diaz) 
  • Terry Crews (as Terry Jeffords)
  • Andre Braugher (as Captain Raymond Holt)
  • as Dirk Blocker (as Michael Hitcock)
  • Joel McKinnon Miller (as Norm Scully)

Many fans were reportedly missing the sarcastic and cynical Gina Linetti, the Nine-Nine’s well-loved civilian administrator. If you’re one of these fans, worry not as Goor and crew are looking to fix that in season 8.

Season seven only had 13 episodes, which is the fewest of all the seasons the show has so far. Goor explains that he regrets not adding a Gina episode. That’s why he made a promise to make sure she will make a return episode in season eight. 

“I love Chelsea Peretti. I think she’s one of the funniest human beings in the world, and I love the character of Gina Linetti,” Goor said.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: Release date

While there are no details yet on the exact date, it’s been confirmed that Season 8 will release in 2021. The news was shared by NBC on Twitter, alongside other upcoming shows under the network. You can verify this information by checking out NBC’s Twitter account.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 8 will air on NBC in the United States, with seasons one to six available on Netflix. Stay tuned for more Nine-Nine updates in the coming months.

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