5 Must-Try Hair Toppers

5 Must-Try Hair Toppers

Hair loss is something that we all deal with at some point in our lives. Those who experience extreme hair loss, know the social embarrassment and struggle that comes when you live life with fewer strands on your head. It’s worse for those individuals who have thin or fine hair since childhood.

Men have been dealing with balding heads since forever and have been flaunting it too but it’s not the same for women. Thanks to stress and other factors, women too are experiencing receding hairlines, thinning areas on their head and even balding.

Thankfully, this dreadful situation has an instant solution so that voluminous hair is not a far fetched dream anymore. Human hair toppers, hairpieces, wiglets or mini wigs are temporary hair pieces that are placed on the top of the head to ensure full coverage in areas of thinning hair and widening hair parts or balding patches.

Women can now explore a wide range of options to conceal thinning hair on their crown. Hair toppers are made of human hair so they give a natural look and feel for you to go about your day with ease. They come in varying sizes, colors and quality to suit every budget and need.

Whether you are wanting to enhance your appearance by looking younger and more attractive with hair toppers or you want an instant boost to your fine hair; volume-enhancing hairpieces are just what you need. They give you fuller, thicker hair in an instant. Being lightweight, they are easy to use and excellent for blending in with your natural hair. Just clip them in and get going.

Like a treasure found in the deep sea, we have brought to you the best selling hair toppers for women from Superhairpieces that will keep you coming back for more.

Mono Silk Top Women’s Hairpiece

This beautiful hair topper has a Mono top (base material consisting of monofilament mesh) and comes in straight or slightly wavy hair. It has medium density and is available in 14”/ 14 inches  high quality Remy human hair.

It gives a natural look and is comfortable and convenient to use. The poly skin perimeter provides good durability (6-12 months) and allows for easy installation and maintenance.

 Women’s French Lace Hair Topper

This top notch French lace hair topper is extremely natural-looking and realistic. It comes with a lighter hair density and breathable base to save you from feeling too hot or bothered while wearing it. If you are someone living in a region that has a hot climate or if you have an active lifestyle, this hair topper is definitely for you.

This 12”/12 inches long unit also comes with scalloped poly painting on the sides (1.5”) and back (1.75”) for secure fitting and multiple attachment options (glue or tape). With a slightly wavy body that is made from high quality remy human hair, this durable piece is a stunner.

Double Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper

If you are looking for a natural looking, medium density, durable hairpiece then this hair topper should be on the top of your list. Its double monofilament center provides comfort while making it long lasting for extended usage.

This remarkable design allows the top piece of the unit to be secured with adhesive, tape, or clips. It features a clear glass silk poly edge that further enhances the design, as well as a 1/8” double-folded welded monofilament lace front, which provides an undetectable hairline for a more natural look. With a naturally wavy texture, this 18”/ 18 inch hair topper is made with high quality Indian remy human hair.

Mono Silk Top Women Integration Hair System

This premium remy human hair topper comes with a mono top weft integration – a monofilament silk top at the front hairline area for natural parting, with spaced out linked machine wefts on the back. It is designed to allow easy integration of one’s natural hair into the piece to achieve an undetectable look along with good durability.

The front edge of the mono silk is sealed by ultrasonic technology to create invisible hairline integration. This unit comes with a stretchable back that makes it very flexible, breathable and comfortable. Clips are attached to the temple for easy daily wear. With a medium light density and naturally straight texture, this 8”/ 8 inch hair topper will work wonders on the appearance of your hair.

Full Clear Skin Base Lady’s Top Hairpiece 

Prefer a fully invisible looking hair topper? This poly skin women’s hair top piece will definitely make the cut.  It comes in medium density high quality remy human hair that has a straight or slightly wavy texture for easy styling and second skin look. With a durability of 4-6 months this unit allows for glue or tape as attachment options for secure grip to the head.

Explore the world of hair toppers at Superhairpieces where there is something for everyone.

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