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There are many popular rappers in America including Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Future, Cardi B, Chris Brown, and more. But there is one more rapper with a very weird name. He is 6IX9INE. You must be surprised with such a unique name of a rapper from NYC, but he is popular with it. He initially had a stage name called Wallah Dan.

But now he is known for his current stage name and another name Takashi 69. Other than rapping, 6IX9INE is also into writing songs. 6IX9INE rose to fame with Gummo, his first album. He follows a strange style in his rap-singing, which includes screaming and making an unusual presence. But other than that 6IX9INE also gained attention for his provoking conduct 

Other than getting fame in rap music, 6IX9INE also has a bad track record for his wrongdoings. He has been held for unlawful acts including drugs and child sexual abuse in his performance. Indeed, you won’t be justified with his unlawful means. Still, I would like you to know about his life, career, total earnings, etc in this article. So let us begin with it.

Personal Details

Full Name:Daniel Hernandez
Stage Name:6IX9INE
Birthday:8th May 1996
Place Of Origin:Bushwick, New York, United States
Age:24 years old
Height:167 m
Weight:64 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Girlfriend:Not known
Profession:American rapper & songwriter
Total Net Worth:$8 million

How much 6IX9INE's Net Worth

Early Life

6IX9INE was born in NYC, the United States in the 90s era. At the time when he was a child, his parents relocated to America to have a better living standard. Even though 6IX9INE was born in New York, he is proficient in speaking Spanish and has also sung two tracks in this language.

The American rapper is not the only sole child of his parents, he has a brother who is older than him. At a very small age, he lost touch with his father. The other shocking phase that came in his life was when his step-father got assassinated near the home, eleven years ago.

The gruesome death had a serious toll on young 6IX9INE who suffered from mental stress and depression and was admitted to the hospital. His behavior became very erratic at school that resulted in his expulsion.

After that, he never thought of continuing his studies and took up odd jobs instead. The adverse circumstances made him work in a grocery store. He did all for his mother to help her in financial needs. To add to his income, 6IX9INE even went to the streets selling prohibited items. Once police officials got hold of him and put him behind the bars.


6IX9INE is 24 years old according to his date of birth. He stands at the height of five feet six inches, weighing 64 kg. The American rapper grabs attention for his colorful hair and multiple tattoos on his face and body. 

Personal Life

6IX9INE came close to Sara, ten years ago. She also shares the same hometown (Brooklyn) with the latter rapper. They both have a daughter. However, she is not the only daughter of 6IX9INE. The American rapper is the father of another girl child from a previous relationship. Currently, he is in a relationship with Leezah.


6IX9INE started his career of rap-singing seven years ago following several tracks including Yokai, and others. You will always observe something unique in his music representation which includes anime visuals. This becomes the reason why he grabs the attention of his fans with his standout rapping style.

Many of his songs were launched by a Slovakia based music label. 6IX9INE gathered much popularity due to his attractive outlook especially his multi-colored hairstyle and more than one tattoo.

He also became a partner with a rapper from New York. But their partnership ended with a feud. It all happened when 6IX9INE was found getting away with the apparatus and songs he had prepared with the NY rapper.

His first solo album was Gummo that came four years back in November. It became a success and ranked in the top list of American musical charts. His other hit single was Kooda, which too garnered much success in the top songs.

In the following year, he came back with the third follow-up single album. This time he was joined with other known rappers, including Fetty Wap. His other albums also got listed on the charts.

6IX9INE is also known for other musical feats including 69, Pimpin, Poles 1469, Zeta Zero 0.5, and mixed tape Day 69. His first studio album featured other known rappers including Nicki Minaj.


Even though he had a great talent for rap music, still, he has yet not received any award. But looking at his age, it seems he has much to achieve in the future and might get lucky in getting an award for his singing prowess.

Facing Legal Brunt For Indecent Music Video With The Minor

You might know 6IX9INE for his unusual rap music style for which he has made a special place for himself among his fans. But there is a dark side of this young rapper that may shock you and might not like him for his wrongdoing.

6IX9INE was involved in a performance of sexual content which he did with a girl of minor age. The incident happened six years ago in February where he got into physical acts with her and distributed it online.

According to him, the act was part of his music video. But it was he who thought like that. The indecent act with the minor is a crime under the law. The video displayed a minor girl engaging in a blowjob act with the rapper’s partner Taquan, and he (6IX9INE) is seen standing behind her striking his penis on her derriere. The minor girl was stark naked in that explicit video.

In another indecent act, it showed the minor girl resting on the lap of 6IX9INE, and the American rapper fondling her breasts.

Other Charges

Apart from his indecent act with a minor girl, 6IX9INE had other legal charges on him including drugs, arms, domestic violence, choking, and acquiring business through illegal means.

Net Worth Of 6IX9INE

According to 2021, $8 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of American rapper 6IX9INE. He has earned it all through his rap career.

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