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In the world of rap-singing, Ja Rule has made a special mark on himself. But other than being a rapper, he is also into producing music and writing songs. Apart from his musical profile, Ja Rule is also the U.S executive. Before he came up with the launch of his first album Vennu Vettu Veccu, Ja Rule had experienced working with other experienced singers. This indeed proved helpful for him to begin his career in music.

Ja Rule was born in 1999, New York, the United States. After his debut studio album, Venni Vetti Vecci that earned platinum status, Ja Rule came up with more hits under his musical kitty including Wonderful, Pain Is Love, Blood In My Life, Rule 3:36, and The Last Temptation.

He delivered multiple hit albums that topped the U.S musical charts. Ja Rule has even experienced working with famous artists of the music industry including Christina Milian, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, and R. Kelly. If you seem interested in exploring his life, career, total earning, and more other vital facts about the American rapper.

Personal Details 

Full Name:Jeffrey Bruce Atkins
Stage Name:Ja Rule
Birthday:29 February 1976
Place Of Origin:Queens, New York, United States
Age:44 years old
Height:1.75 m
Weight:72 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Aisha Atkins
Profession:American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor
Total Net Worth:$10 million

How much Ja Rule's Net Worth

Early Life

Ja Rule’s place of birth is New York, the United States. He was born in February 1976. His father did a baking job, whereas his mother worked in a health center. The American rapper was not the only son born to his parents. He would have joined his sister, had she not died in her mother’s womb due to complications.

Ja Rule’s upbringing took place in his hometown New York. He changed his first school as he was always involved in picking fights with students who mocked him for his small height, as mentioned by the rapper himself. Although he never became a graduate but did achieve a GED.

He has spent his childhood with his grandfather and grandmother, as his parents were most of the time busy. He did practice Jehovah, a Christian religion but did not follow it for a long time, and got engaged in drugs by selling it.


Ja Rule is forty-four years old according to his birth in 1976. He stands at the height of five feet seven inches, weighing 72 kg.


Ja Rule began his career in rap-singing during the 90s, with a music band he was associated with. They launched a song called Get The Fortune. The group had a contract with a record label company but did not work out.

It got disbanded following the arrest of Chris Black, one of the members of the group. He worked with other rappers on his first single song Time To Build. Tasting success early, Ja Rule later became the founder of his own music group.

Then came Venni Vetti Vecci, the first studio album of American Rapper Ja Rule. It also featured other rap artists including Jay-Z and many others. The album became successful in topping the United States Billboard charts. He continued with his following albums including Pain Is Love 2.

This album was launched in the previous year when he was serving the jail term for his involvement in keeping the gun. Ja Rule also faced charges for non-payment of taxes. But eight years ago his jail term came to an end. A news also came regarding his last album (studio), and a television series in the previous two-three years ago.

After ending his jail term, Ja Rule along with another rapper came up with an American record label company. The American rapper also launched his memoir where he mentioned all about his life from beginning to success. And in a short period, he also announced his post seventh album but it was repulsed.

The top singles of Ja Rule to mention include Ain’t It Funny, Wonderful, and many more. He had a good experience working with the beautiful singer, Jennifer Lopez, R. Kelly, and other two prominent singers.

In Movies

Other than rap-singing, Ja Rule also proved his acting prowess in a blockbuster action movie and a horror-comedy flick.

Awards & Nominations

Owing to his successful musical feats, Ja Rule had been the recipient of several prestigious awards. His name also came in the list of nominations for Grammy awards. He is the winner of multiple music awards including for his rap art. When your work speaks, it is reflected through such honorable rewards.

Legal Issues

Ja Rule had faced the brunt of law when he was held responsible for hurting a person long ago in Toronto. Other than this, the American rapper was also arrested for his involvement in unlawful acts including keeping a psychoactive drug and driving the car with the license that was suspended before. He was even put behind the bars for two years on charges of non-payment of taxes and keeping a gun.


Other than his unlawful acts and arrests, Ja Rule had also locked horns with other top rap artists including Eminem, and 50 Cent. The much-emphasized feud of his was with the latter rapper during the 90s. It all happened during a video shoot filming.

The rapper got jealous of Ja Rule the way he was being applauded by the Hollis community. This brewed a serious confrontation between the two rappers. Ja Rule lost his cool and bashed the latter rapper with sports equipment. In the later year, both the rap artists buried their hatred.

Net Worth Of Ja Rule

According to 2021, $10 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of American rapper Ja Rule. He earned his amass fortune through his successful musical feats and tours.

Ending Note

No matter he faced the brunt of the law for his wrongdoings, but when it comes to talent, then Ja Rule has indeed earned it with his dedication and focus towards his goal. This is why he earned popular fame as a rapper. All his major top hit albums are evidence of his success.

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