Jeff Goldblum Net Worth, How Much Is Jeff Goldblum Worth

Jeff Goldblum's Net Worth

Among many talented actors of Hollywood Jeff Goldblum is one such name which we cannot forget. After all, we loved him watching Jurassic Park movies, Independence Day, Into The Night, The Fly, The Tall Guy, Thor Ragnarok, and so on.

Other than the big screen, Jeff also showed his acting prowess on the small screen. He played the character of Zack in a judicial court drama television series. Other than being an actor, Jeff has also been a director behind Little Surprises.

It was a short-length film that got nominated in the category of action. Adding on more to his talent, Jeff has a musical jazz band and has launched his debut album three years back. If you seem interested in knowing more about his life, career, total earning, etc, then please read the article till the end.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum
Stage Name: Jeff Goldblum
Gender: Male
Birthday: 22 October 1952
Place Of Origin: West Homestead, Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 68 years old
Height: 1.94 m
Weight: 80 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Spouse: Emilie Livingston
Profession: American actor
Total Net Worth: $50 Million

How much Jeff Goldblum Net Worth

Early Life

Jeff was born in 1952, in Pennsylvania, the U.S to a doctor father, and mother from the radio broadcasting field. Now as you see Jeff’s parents belonged to their respective fields, having no interest in the entertainment showbiz world. This prompted Jeff in choosing the career of his choice.

He is not the only son born to his parents. Jeff also had other siblings. Unfortunately, a brother elder to him passed away at a very young age due to kidney failure. This again made Jeff completely focus on what he has to do in life to fetch his daily needs.

He mentioned all this during an interview with a known British news media website. His other brother is a broker by profession, whereas his sister Pamela also shares the showbiz world with him. She is an actress. Jeff did his schooling at a reputed school and after passing out, he joined the theatre to learn acting.


Jeff is one of the senior actors in Hollywood. He has turned 68 years old according to his date of birth. Jeff stands tall at the height of six feet three inches, weighing 80 kg.

Personal Life

Jeff got married to Patricia, who is also an actress during the 80s. She was his first wife. But his relationship did not work with her, and he married a second time with another actress from The Fly movie. But his relationship with her again ended in divorce, and finally, this time he got married to a gymnast, Emilie, and became the father of two kids from her.


Jeff started his entertainment career with one of the novels of William Shakespeare. He then got an offer to play the role of a drug addict in Death Wish. To enact this role properly, Jeff did work hard to get into the skin of the character he is offered to kick start his acting career. Initially, he did not get bigger roles in films like Nashville.

Finally, his craving for getting a big role came true with The Big Chill, where he essayed the role of a journalist for a magazine. In the movie, his character is shown connecting with his long old friends from college days, at a burial. Jeff then started getting meatier roles with movies like The Right Stuff, and others.

And then there was no looking back for Jeff, who now started grabbing mainstream roles in movies. One of his best movies of the 80s, which you must watch is The Fly. Call it a turning point in his acting career or whatever, but this movie indeed gave him full opportunity to establish himself as a recognized actor. Jeff played the role of the crap scientist who gets transformed into the housefly.

His acting career now started climbing the ladder of success with more blockbusters including The Lost World and other Jurassic Park sequel movies. One cannot miss his stupendous acting in the sci-fi action film Independence Day that came during the 90s. Jeff also starred in the famous Marvel character movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

Other Success

He kept on getting more good roles in television shows like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It was a television version of a movie. Jeff even played a biopic character of a popular comedian from television and shined more with his performances in The Larry Sanders Show, and The Simpsons, and others. He even had a special documentary show on his name.

Video Games

Jeff did not stop in any mid-way of his entertainment career. He kept on rising the ladder of success with his acting prowess in a horror-based video game, as a vampire. Jeff also experimented with his played characters on video game versions including from his cult movies, like Independence Day.

Holy Man

There was a movie of the 90s decade, in which actors Tom Schulman, Eddie Murphy also starred in. It was a comedy mixed with a drama movie. The movie revolves around the character Rocky played by Jeff, and Kate played by the actress Kelly Preston.

They are shown working in a home shopping network owned by the character played by Robert. For the last two years, under the management of Ricky (Jeff), sales have not been rising, until when Kate comes in with her ideas to boost the sales. The movie failed to make a mark on the audience and flopped.

Net Worth Of Jeff Goldblum

According to 2021, $50 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of talented Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum. He earned his wealth through his successful feats in movies and television series. Jeff became the highest-paid actor with his hit movies.

Ending note

Jeff Goldblum has indeed established himself as one of the gem actors of Hollywood. It is applauding to see his growth as an actor from minor roles in the beginning and getting mainstream roles afterward. Among many of his movies, he is remembered for the Jurassic Park series and Independence Day.

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