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8 Best Apps Like Snapchat

8 Best Apps Like Snapchat

Snapchat is known to many people because of its effectiveness in messaging. It has incredible features that make communication very useful. However, some apps are getting developed day by day.

Each app comes with its specific features that make its stand out. Many apps can be used as substitutes for Snapchat. You can easily have them installed on your android or IOS device.  Below are some of the apps.


Instagram is mostly known for sharing videos and photos. It is an app owned by Facebook Inc that has been in existence since 2010. You can easily access the app via a desktop, smartphone, be it android, iOS, or Mac OS.

It is widely compatible with many devices that have access to the internet hence its large number of users. You can share your content either publicly or privately without a hassle. One can also have access to the content you shared in any part of the world and like, or comment about it.


Snow is a perfect alternative for Snapchat that comes with advanced features. You will be amazed by its ability to make captions and give motion stickers for your images and videos. If you want to have a chat with family and friends, it offers the best option.

While chatting, you have an opportunity to create GIFs making your conversations full of fun. When it comes to telecasting stories, Snow makes the ideal choice.

Face camera

Almost everyone loves edited photos with stickers or filters. Face Camera makes the ideal choice for use in editing photos. So far, it is very famous for people who love funny images. You can, therefore, create your video and share it publicly.

The photo editor is highly compatible. You can therefore have access to it via Mac, OS, IOS windows, and iPhones. So long as your device has access to the internet, you will find the app convenient to use.


If you are a fan of taking selfies, this app is perfect for you. It has an option for filtering using various features that it comes with. Most people love using it because of its user-friendliness and the quality of the edited photos.

Sharing your edited photos is simple because you have access to various apps within your phone. You can also add music to your photos or short videos conveniently using the app. Music will, therefore, play as you view your photos.

You can choose to share your edited content via an app or within your network. It is easily accessible to millions of internet users.


Face filter apps are nowadays becoming very common. An excellent example of such an apps is Lemocam. It is an app that helps you to take pictures and videos lovely. You have various options that will make your photos funny hence entertaining.

When compared with Snapchat, you will realize that they have a perfect relationship because of their closeness features.  You will love how the reaction of features takes place in real-time.

The app is compatible with various software. Therefore, you will comfortably use it on your desktop, tablet, IOS, windows, and android. Access via mobile phones is, therefore, comfortable. If you have a smartphone, you will find using the app more lovely.


Are you looking for a short video editor? Like makes an ideal choice.  It has many users and more than a million downloads from the play store in a single day. Comparing the app to Snapchat, you will have a complete replica advanced with a few specific features.

The app makes a perfect choice for users who love making short and funny videos. It is user friendly and makes the process of editing videos straightforward.  It has high ratings because of its outcomes the quality of its videos.


Founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009, Imgur has been the best app for sharing images online. Many social media users use it because of its flexibility. As a user, you will have a chance to share, comment, and content.

People who like fun from memes, GIFs, Viral videos, and other funny content find the app perfect. Creating funny content is because it is well guided. It provides a platform where people can interact and have fun with the available content.


It is not everyone who loves sharing content, such as photos with the public. The cluster has impressive features and filters that make sharing within the community or friends useful. You can share pictures, memories, and many other things using the platform.

The most exciting thing is that if you want to share with a specific group such as a community, the app provides a perfect option. It is ideal for families and friends’ private chats. You will be amazed by the number of users who use it.


Getting exposed to the outside world is an ideal thing in this digital era. With the apps, you will have a perfect substitute for Snapchat. It comes with advanced features; the apps make excellent choices.

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