Cher’s Net Worth, How Much Is Cher’s Worth

Cher's Net Worth

Cher is a well-known name in the world of entertainment. She is an eminent personality in the field of acting and singing. Cher gained much popularity in being called a goddess of pop music because of her distinguished singing tone. She was born in western U.S state, California in 1946. When Cher was a child, her parents got separated following the divorce.

After that, her mother took responsibility for her and made dwellings in Texas, California, and NY. Cher did not complete her schooling and went to L.A. There she started learning the art of acting. To meet the basic needs, Cher did club dancing during her initial days of struggle.

Cher rose to fame with her husband Sonny with a song, I Got You Babe that topped the musical charts in the United Nations and the United Kingdom. A well-known American weekly news magazine even termed them ‘Rock It’ couple.

The Bang Bang Hit

After some years, Cher chose to make her independent career and came up with top singles including Bang Bang. Other than her singing talent, Cher also became a known face on the small screen with a show on her name and husband Sonny. It received a million viewership throughout its running on the CBS network. Cher garnered much attention through her attire on TV shows.

She went on with more hit singles like Gypsys, and Dark Lady, besides her appearances on TV. Cher became the prominent female singer with maximum singles in U.S entertainment history. When her relationship ended with Sonny, her husband, Cher returned with Take Me Home, an album of the disco genre.

She got a lump sum amount of $300K in the Las Vegas concert. She won many accolades by starring in several movies including Moonstruck, Mask, and Mermaids.  If her brief introduction has intrigued you to know more about her life, career, total earning, etc., then let’s continue our exploration of her in this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name:Cherilyn Serkisian
Stage Name:Cher
Birthday:20th May 1946
Place Of Origin:El Centro, California, United States
Age:74 years old
Height:1.74 m
Weight:61 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Gregg Allman
Profession:American singer, actress, and television personality
Total Net Worth:$400 million

How much Cher's Net Worth

Early Life

Cher was born in California, in May 1946. Just like any person or celebrity gets inspiration from his/her idol, Cher also admired a very iconic British actress from the old cinema of Hollywood. She always dreamed of doing something big in life.

Like other children, Cher did not have a pleasant childhood, following the separation of her parents, and her mother’s second marriage. She along with her step-sister went to school to complete their studies. However, Cher left it mid-way intending to become an actress.


According to the date of birth, Cher has now turned seventy-four in age, weighing 61 kg. She stands at an average height of five feet seven inches.

Personal Life

During the decade 1960, Cher came in contact with Sonny. She began her career in backup singing when got introduced to a record producer by him. Soon their friendship turned into love and then to the couple in 1975. Both Sonny and Cher became the singing couple and became successful. 

If you love listening to old songs, then, you must have listened to I Got You Babe sung by this musical couple. Sonny was not the only man in her life with whom she married during the 1970s. Cher also came close to other men in her life, including the ever-charming, Tom Cruise. 

The musical duo broke apart following the divorce in the same decade. Cher then married a second time with an American singer and songwriter and became the mother of his 2 kids.


Cher began her career along with her husband in a popular song, I Got You Babe. Both of them became a hit duo in the musical field. They made a good million record sales. After some years, Cher took up as an independent singer artist with the song Bang Bang.

In between, she got into the acting field with films including Mask. She also acted in a movie called Moonstruck, where she was awarded for Best Actress. She even appeared on a television show on her name and husband Sonny. It was The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

Besides her appearances on television shows, Cher never lost the grip of her musical field, and continued with more hits including Dark Lady and Take Me Home. A concert in Las Vegas got her to earn around $300K.

She then once again got back to her career in music with more albums, one on her name, and others including Heart of Stone, If I Could Turn Back Time, and a soundtrack in a 90s movie, Mermaids. She also donned director hat for an anthology based on abortion on HBO.

Cher then continued with her musical feats with Dancing Queen, which was inspired by the film, rocketed the musical charts in the U.S. This song had a tie with her song, Closer To The Truth, which was another highest-grossing hit. She did a film with ingredients of humor and musical romance. It was Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Accolades & Other Notable Works

Owing to her success in the musical world, Cher became the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Grammy Award. Apart from singing and acting career, she also got noticed for her opinions on political subjects, and her presence on social media.

Besides this, she was also active for social causes including the rights of other sections of people (including gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender), and also for the fighting against sexually transmitted disease, AIDS, and HIV.

Net Worth Of Cher

According to 2021, $400 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of singer-actress, Cher. She earned her fortune through her successful feats in the field of music and entertainment. Her source of income also comes from her multiple businesses.

Ending Note

The singer-actress Cher had a good long successful career in the field of entertainment including her partnership with Sonny, her ex-husband, on the television shows on their name, and singing duets. She is one of the iconic singers to be remembered for her top musical charts, including Bang Bang.

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