When To Change Your Car Cabin Air Filter

Car Cabin Air Filter

A good driver should be sensitive while driving, and pay attention to sound and smell.

Also, the heating and colling system should be checked regularly if you dont want your car to break down suddenly and disappoint you.

The car cabin air filter is one part you should ensure it’s working quite well.

The air conditioning and ventilation systems in your car draw in ambient air from the atmosphere and allow it to flow into the car as cabin air.

Since the air contains dust and other particles that may be traped into the car, the air filter helps to filter the dirt from the air before it gets into the car, says Techpally boss.

Purpose of Cabin air Filter

The purpose of the filter is to trap dust and other air contaminants from the ambient air and remove the particles the air gets in.

Such particles can be liquid or in a solid state, for example in the form of dust, brake, tire and clutch wear, or pollen.

If dust particles now enter the cabin air filter, they stick to the fibers of the fleece.

The smallest particles with a size of less than 5 micrometers are attracted by the electrostatic charge, just like a magnet.

High-quality particulate filters can filter out almost 100 percent of all pollen, soot and dust particles from the incoming air using this process.

When To Change Your Car Cabin Air Filter

Each layer of the fleece serves its own purpose

  • The pre-filter traps the coarsest dirt and the largest particles.
  • The middle layer retains the smallest particles by means of electrostatic charging.
  • The third layer acts as a carrier layer, stabilizing the other fleece layers.

When do you’ve to change Cabin air filter

Many drivers often ask when the cabin air filter should be changed.

Is it when it’s not able to trap particles from the air or you just have to change it after sometime.

It is always recommended that you replace the car cabin filter regularly, depending on the use fo the vehicle.

If you car has covered 15,000 kilometers or more, then you should try and replace the cabin air filter with a new one.

You can also change it very year if you’re not sure if it’s due for replacement or not, perhaps, it’s not expensive.

Also, the filter may need to be replaced during the cold season, such as in spring.

The reason being that, the filter is exposed to a high air load and can form bacteria or even mold due to the high humidity.

It is therefore advisable to replace the cabin air filter as soon as the temperatures rise again.

It should be preferably as part of a comprehensive vehicle maintenance program during winter.

Cost of Changing the cabin air filter

Replacing your cabin air filter is not difficult, some experienced drivers can change it themselves by loosening screws and opening filter.

After cleaning the housing of the filter, the new filter can be inserted.

However, some vehicles are difficult to replace due to their design, especially if other components in the engine compartment prevent free access.

In some cars, for example, the glove compartment has to be removed to reach the filter.

If you don’t want to replace the filter yourself, you can call on repairsmith car repair service to help you on the go.

Repairsmith offer mobile car repair services across the US.

Their car experts are already skilled in handling this task and are familiar with the different types of filters, manufacturers and car models.

Depending on how easily accessible the filter is, the repair will take 15 to 30 minutes.

This depends on the type of vehicle. The cost of replacement depends on the size and type of filter


Taking care of your car is important for the safety of the car and your health.

Now that the winter season is approaching, this is the time to check your cabin air filter and make sure it’s still effective to filter pollen, dust and other particles from the ambient air.

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