Tom Segura Net Worth, How Much Is Tom Segura Worth

Tom Segura Net Worth

There are multiple forms of entertainment to grab the attention of viewers including podcasting and stand-up comedy. One such personality in this field is Tom Segura. If you love watching American television shows, then you must have watched him in most of them. He makes continuous visits to the small screen. He is behind the co-hosting of the podcast Your Mom’s House.

Tom is married to Christina and has a son from her. Most of you might not be knowing about him, so today, I am going to reveal some vital facts about the humor artist including his childhood, professional life, total earning, appearance, and more. So if ready, then let us begin. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Tom Segura
Stage Name:Tom Segura
Birthday:16 April 1979
Place Of Origin:Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Age:41 years old
Height:1.82 m
Weight:80 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Christina Pazsitzky
Profession:American stand-up comedian, podcaster, writer & actor
Total Net Worth:$15 million

How much Tom Segura Net Worth

Early Life

Tom belongs to the major city of the U.S state, Ohio. However, he never experienced childhood there. Some of the places he lived in include Minneapolis and Florida. Tom is not the only son of his parents, he shares his siblinghood with his sisters. Tom is known for his stand-comedy and podcasting. 

When Tom entered adulthood, a serious incident took a toll on him landing him in a coma for not so long. He suffered from an excess dose of a certain kind of acid. Coming to his education, he graduated from the reputed university of the U.S. 


Tom has turned forty-one in age as per his date of birth in 1979. He was born on January 28th. He stands at a height of five feet nine inches and weighs around 80 kg. 

Personal Life

As mentioned above, Tom is married to Christina, who shares a similar quality of making people laugh. Both are parents to a child. Tom speaks well in Spanish. He is a member of The Deathsquad network along with other standup comedians. 


Besides this, he is also an actor and has appeared in films and television shows like Workaholics and Gary Unmarried. Not to forget, Tom also showed his acting prowess in How To Be Grown Up long back during 2014-15. Happy Ending and Atom TV are also the television shows, in which he acted. 

He has showcased his humor talent during a festival held for comic artists in Melbourne. Tom even appeared in Last Comic Standing 2, which was a reality television series. He also makes appearances in other shows, and a podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. He even starred in two special shows on television on his name. 

As A Podcaster

Other than his fame as a comedian, Tom is also a known podcaster. He hosted the podcast show Your Mom’s House along with his life partner, Christina. Other than television shows, Tom is also active in shows on radio including Bob & Tom Show

The comedian-actor is also connected with the food-based podcast Crab Feast, and another audio/video podcast hosted by Joe Rogan. Tom also had two comedy shows to his credit on top network channel Netflix. One came in 2014, and another in 2016.

Stand-Up Comedy Shows & Other TV Shows

Eleven years ago, Tom came up with a special stand-up comedy album Thrilled. He also came in White Girls With Cornrows in the following year. He also made more appearances in television shows including Hollywood’s Top Ten

The Opening Act

This American movie belongs to the comedy genre, starring several talented actors including Jimmy Yang, Bill Burr, Ken Jeong, and others. Not to forget, Tom Segura also played the role of a cop in it. It came last year in October. The story of The Opening Act movie revolves around a character played by Jimmy, who is passionate to become a top stand-up comedian. 

Revealing more about the story of this film will snatch the excitement of watching it on your screen. It will be fun to watch Tom playing the role of a cop. In this movie, Steve the writer-director of the film showcases how newbie standup comedians face hardships to be successful. You will observe it when you see the character played by lead actor Jimmy in it. 

Instant Family

If you want to have a dose of laughter, then watching Tom Segura-starrer Instant Family is the best American film to watch. It came around three years back. Other than Tom, there were other actors including Mark Wahlberg, Julie Hagerty, Octavia Spencer, and others. Sean Anders was the director of this film. It happens to be derived from the experiences of the director. 

The release of this film was done in the U.S three years back in November. It garnered a good response and did fine business all around the world crossing $120 million. Instant Family also got thumbs up feedback from critics, who applauded the film for the likable humor, and performances by actors in the film.  

Although I am not going to reveal all about the story of the movie, I can tell the plot of it. So the film revolves around the couple demoralized by their known ones, who think they can never become parents. According to them, the only option they can have is adopting. The couple goes to foster care, and meet children there. There they meet a teenage girl, whom they did not agree to adopt at first. But Lizzy manages to win their heart. And the story continues with more adventures taking place in their life. 


No doubt, Tom has made a mark in the field of entertainment with his stupendous art of humor. Both he and his wife host the podcast show, Your Mom’s House, which indeed got into the nomination list for a prestigious award. However, Tom is yet to get his due award. 

Net Worth Of Tom Segura

According to 2021, $15 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of talented comedian, Tom Segura. His profession is the main source of his income, which he performs during his podcast shows, and films he appears in. Tom showcases his talent of humor to clubs, theatres, and other venues.

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