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Different Types Of Tree Trimming What You Need To Know

Different Types Of Tree Trimming What You Need To Know

Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, tree trimming is an important task that needs to be done every year.

It is necessary for the health of your trees and can help prevent any future damage. But with so many different types of tree trimming, it can be hard to know what type you need.

Luckily this blog post will break down the three most common types so you’ll have all the information you need!

Service Tree Trimming

Tree trimming service is a popular choice among homeowners. It’s usually done during the first and second year after tree planting, between March and May in northern regions and September to November for plants planted in southern climates.

Service tree trimming will involve removing dead or broken branches to promote a full tree canopy.

If you have weak tree branches, this is also the tree type that will be completed. Symptoms of too much shade include slow tree growth, deformed leaves, sparse foliage or dead patches on your tree canopies. This type of tree trimming takes place once every 4-10 years depending on the size of your tree’s leaf canopies.

Tree Trimming

Lawn Maintenance Tree Trimming

This is another common tree type that is usually completed between January and March. Lawn maintenance tree trimming can remove tree branches that are too low for the tree to be healthy.

It’s a good idea to get your tree trimmed at this time because they will have access to sunlight which they need as it is the leaves’ job to produce food through photosynthesis. If you wait too long, there might not be enough light left for your tree’s leaves to function properly.

Crown Reduction Tree Trimming

This type of tree trimming is most commonly done on trees growing near power lines that pose a threat to them or humans. This is because crown reduction tree trimming requires removing large sections of foliage from your tree in order to its size and keep it healthy.

Crown reduction tree trimming will usually remove more than 30 percent of your tree’s foliage so it is a good idea to wait at least one year before having this service done again.

Commercial Tree Trimming

Tree trimming for commercial purposes can be completed by experienced tree professionals or amateurs with the right equipment. If you have trees near roads or other areas where they could potentially cause damage, it might be necessary for them to get trimmed every few years.

If your tree is located in an area that has a lot of foot traffic and poses a threat to people passing underneath, tree trimming may also be necessary due to falling branches and leaves. There are many reasons why you need commercial tree trimming and that’s why hiring a tree service is important.

The Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming has many benefits for your trees and your home. It will help promote the tree’s overall health and remove dead tree branches that can pose a threat to people or property.

If you have weak tree branches or tree limbs that are touching power lines, tree trimming could save you thousands of dollars in potential damages.

The best option is to get regular tree trimmings so problems can be caught before they become worse. This will keep tree branches from breaking off and causing damage to property and people around it.

Tree service professionals know how important tree trimming is for both homeowners and commercial places so make sure you trust them with the job!

How To Find A Qualified Professional For Your Needs

Finding tree service professionals for tree trimming can be difficult because of the wide variety of tree service types. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to find reputable tree services near your location.

One way is to check out reviews from previous customers on yelp and Google+. If you see good feedback it’s likely that his or her tree service will be up to par too!

Another thing you can do is look for local tree services in your area that has been around for a few years. Companies who have been in business longer know how important it is to keep their clients satisfied with tree trimmings so they’ll usually have plenty of positive reviews from previous customers.

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