Monster Musume Season 2: Characters, Release Date, Plot, Setting, and Latest Updates


Monster Musume, also known as Monsuta Musume no Iru Nichijo in Japanese, is a manga series. It is illustrated and written by Okayado. The publisher of this manga series in Japan is Tokuma Shoten. It was published in a magazine called Monthly Comic Ryu.

Its foreign adaptation was published by Seven Seas Entertainment in the United States. The western adaptation had fifteen chapters to date. 

The storyline of Monster Musume is focused on the life of Kimihito Kurusu, a Japanese student. His life turned upside down after he accidentally got involved with a program called Interspecies Cultural Exchange. 

Ana anime adaptation was done by Sentai Filmworks that was aired last July to September of 2015. It was released under the title Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls.

The first season of the anime series received positive reviews and was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. IMDb users also rate the anime at 8 out of 10 stars. 

Story Setting

For many years, the Japanese government has denied the existence of mythical creatures that are present in society. These are the centaurs, harpies, mermaids, and lamias. 

A few years before the start of the storyline, the government revealed the existence of such creatures to the public. They then passed the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act and ever since, these mythical creatures that are referred to as liminals, have become part of day to day human society. 

The exchange program allows them to live with human families like how foreign exchange students or au-pair visitors are normally arranged.  But this comes with other duties and restrictions. Liminals and humans are not allowed to harm each other as well as procreate. 


The plot of the story starts in the city of Asaka, Saitama. Japanese student Kimihito Kurusu, though he did not volunteer for the exchange program, a liminals was accidentally delivered to his door. That was when Kuroko Smith delivered Miia, who at that time was very embarrassed and scared. 

Kurusu took pity and did not have what it takes to send her away. So from there on in, they started living together. As time goes by, Kimihito also gave shelter to other female liminals but of a different species. 

Most of them arrived by accident though a handful was also forced on him by Kuroko Smith. Soon, he then found himself in a dilemma having to deal with his now hectic environment. He struggled to live in peace with his housemates. 

Not only that, but he also has to deal with their problems as well. He had to assist them to learn and get along with the human world. The girls are also making advances towards him. 

The situation became more complicated after he was told that there were changes in the law that was dealing with liminal-human relationships. The government was bent on making him a test case and he had to marry one of the girls. 

This increased the advances from the girls as they competed for his attention. The twist does not end there, due to the special attention given by the government, other liminals that are apart from his housemates, also have their eyes on him. 

The ending of the first season shows Miia and Mero racing in an oversized pool with Kimihito as the prize. 

Anime Adaptation

Back in September of 2014, the website that hosts Monster Musume ran a poll. They asked if readers of the popular manga wanted an anime adaptation of the story. An announcement was then followed by March of the next year that an anime series will premier by July of 2015. 

The series is directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara while the script was written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. The animated adaptation was animated by the animation studio Lerche. The series aired in Japan on the following platforms: Sun TV, Tokyo MX, KBS, BS11, and AT-X. 


These are the voice cast of Monster Musume:

Taking the lead is Junji Majima who will be voicing Kurusu Kimihito, Sora Amamiya as Miia, Ari Ozawa as Papi, Haruka Yamazaki as Mero, Ai Kakuma as Lala, Mayuka Nomura as Suu, and Natsuki Aikawa as Centorea. 

Additional characters are also expected in the upcoming release of the second season. Namely, Sakura Nakamura who is voicing Rachnera, Saori Onishi as Doppel, Yu Kobayashi as Ms. Smith, and Rei Mochizuki as one of the zombies. 

Monster Musume Latest News and Release Date

Producers of the well-loved anime series have renewed the show for another season but because of the currently progressing pandemic, the release date of Monster Musume season 2 has not been announced by the producers.

But speculations are circling that the second season will be released around the 3rd quarter of 2021. No trailer has been released yet for the second season of the anime series. 

Where to Watch Monster Musume?

For viewers from Japan, you can catch the anime on Tokyo MX, Sun Television, KBS, AT-X, and BS11. For those who opt to watch the anime series online, you can catch it on Hulu. However, you would need to pay for a Hulu subscription. 

You can also stream it for free on Crunchyroll and Tubi. It is also available on the Japanese video sharing site, Niconico. However, there might be regional restrictions for some areas. 

For viewers coming from Latin America, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand, the series can be viewed in Daisuki. It is also available for free streaming in Crunchyroll for the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Latin America, Australia, Scandinavia, Turkey, and the Netherlands. 

A DVD of the original anime was also released along with the manga’s eleventh volume. This was launched last November 11 of 2016. A second DVD was also released together with the manga’s 12th volume and was launched on the 13th of April, 2017. And the English version of the DVD was also launched for the western viewers last July 25 of 2017.

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