How Car Owners in Canada Can Get Genuine Car Parts for Less

Get Genuine Car Parts for Less

An automotive vehicle consists of thousands of spare parts that work like clockwork to help the vehicle perform. Those spare parts work under extreme stress and bear the brunt of external elements which cause wear and tear or erode the components with time.

If you own a vehicle then sooner or later you are going to have to buy car spare parts and in today’s circumstances, prices of brand-new spare parts are skyrocketing. Buying original and genuine spare parts is not cheap and can cost you a fortune from your local dealership. Here are a few ways that you can find genuine replacement spare parts for less.

Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

The auto parts stores industry in Canada covers almost 6 billion in market size, with almost 6000 automotive-related businesses working up and down the country, employing 23000 people. Those stores sell both genuine and aftermarket spare parts. Aftermarket spare parts are the parts that are manufactured by a third party. Those aftermarket parts can save you a lot of money when compared to the genuine parts and you can have a choice regarding the quality and price of those parts and these are available at many outlets in Canada.

If we look at the disadvantages then their quality is nowhere near the genuine parts and you can easily buy the substandard parts that could do more harm than good to your vehicle and those aftermarket parts often come without warranty as well.

On the contrary, genuine OEM parts support quality manufacturing fr and fit perfectly as those parts are made by the same manufacturer of the vehicle and come with an extended warranty. In case they break down, you can replace them for free.

Once we have established that genuine OEM parts are better let’s have a look that how can we purchase those parts for less.

Genuine Parts Dealers

The easiest way to get a genuine spare part is to visit the local dealership as they are bound to stock all the genuine spare parts of the models that they sell. You save time by visiting the dealership.

The only downside is that those parts are way too expensive and can cost a fortune. There are other options to get the genuine parts as well but the best of them is to find the genuine parts online.

Used Parts Online

Online commerce has changed the way we source and buy genuine spare parts. Gone are the days when you have to search the auto markets for hours to find a small part at a higher price because the dealer in the auto parts market knew only, he has your required part.

The landscape has changed and it has become way easier to find and purchase used car and trucks parts online. You just have to take care of a few important steps and that’s it.

Find A Reliable Website

Reputation and testimonials are important when you are buying spare parts online. Partfinder Canada is one clear example where you can find trusted and verified used spare parts sellers who offer dependable and robust used and refurbished spare parts. There are many advantages of finding and buying used genuine spare parts online. Here are just a few to mention.

Save your Time and Money

Trying to find a used or refurbished part in the auto market can be time-consuming and costly. You have to visit many stores to find a single part and fortunately, if you do find a used genuine part with a dealer, he would charge you extra money as he knew that you can’t find this part anywhere else.

It’s a different story when it comes to buying genuine used parts online. You can put your inquiry to thousands of used car part sellers in just one click and can get the quotes within minutes. You can also decide who is the cheapest and suits your budget more.

No Need to Leave Home

During the pandemic, it is not recommended to go to busy places such as used auto markets. You are always better off going online as you can simply find and compare the condition of the part and price online and can complete the whole process with a few clicks.

Get Parts Delivered at Your Doorstep

Instead of you spending the whole day finding the spare parts and dealing with the pushy salespeople to get the best price and even then, paying more than what you can find online. You can buy the parts from a trusted website online and have them parts delivered at home for you.

Chance to Purchase Genuine Spare Parts

Spending your time and money on finding genuine used or refurbished spare parts is better than wasting your money on the aftermarket spare parts. They used genuine parts are made by the original manufacturer. Those original parts are guaranteed to fit well

Certified and Thoroughly inspected Parts

When the genuine parts are taken off the vehicles in the breaker yards, these parts are checked and put to test and are thoroughly inspected before these parts are put on sale. So, not only do you get genuine OEM spare parts that fit perfectly but you can be sure about if the parts work perfectly as well.

There might be many places from where you feel more at home buying the spare parts for your vehicle but let us assure you that the best prices can only be attained from online buying as you have way too much choice and it also saves your valuable time.

If you are looking to buy the parts in Canada, Partfinder Canada can provide you largest network of used or reconditioned spare parts sellers where you are certain to find the best bargain. All you have to do is to open the page and fill in the details or just call the number provided. Our system can find your required part and within no time you would start getting non obligatory quotes.

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