How Hail Damaged Car Roof Can Be Repaired

Damaged Car Roof

During the winter season, weather can get extreme sometimes because of snowstorms and hailstorms. A hail storm can cause damage to your car roof, windows, etc. Some areas of the world don’t experience it but the ones who do have to take care of their cars.

To be honest, there is not much you can do to protect your car from a hailstorm. In fact, no one knows when there is going to be a hailstorm, but there are many things you can do to fix the damage done to your car by a hailstorm. You should be quick to fix any damage so that you do not face any serious issues with your car.

Let us see how to repair your damaged car roof by a hailstorm.

Cooling and heating

Cooling and heating


Whenever a hailstorm causes damage to your car roof, it causes a dent that stretches the metal, and it is recommended to use the heating and cooling method to repair the damage.

Make use of a heat gun or a hairdryer on a low or medium setting on the dent and follow this by applying dry ice on the dent directly. The metal will expand because of the heat and contract when you put the dry ice.

This process will pull the dent back out and help you repair the damaged roof. Many experts refrain from using this method because too much heat can damage the paint. Try not to make the car surface so hot that you are unable to touch it. This will cause more damage than repair it.

Use pushing tools for repair

Hail damage repair on your car roof can also be repaired using thin-metal, long-handle pushing tools. Most of the time, these tools are sold in a complete toolkit and are used to reach under or inside panels. Apply leverage carefully with the tool, and gradually push on the underside of the dent repeatedly until it goes away.

These tools do not apply prolonged pressure instead, they push in a gentle, quick pattern that removes the dent slowly, one bit at a time. This method with the pushing tool sounds easy, but it is difficult if you do not have enough experience. Do not try this if you have any doubts about your ability as you can damage the car roof more or even injure yourself.

Use pulling tools for repair

Many people use pulling tools that come in dent removal kits to repair a damaged car roof from a hailstorm. The tool has a glue gun, a pulling handle, and many different types of plastic plungers that anchor the dented area of your car and help out in repair. These tools are relatively easier to use than pushing tools that are generally used by professionals and experts.

These are easier to use, but you will still need to work carefully to get the right results. A plastic plunger with the right size and shape is fixed on to the dent. A handle is attached that helps you to put outward pressure on the dent gently. Just like pushing, instead of making one long pull, try to pull continuously in short bursts for better results.

Visit a mechanic or an automobile workshop

Visit a mechanic or an automobile workshop


Repairing a hailstorm damaged car roof yourself is possible, and there are many DIY methods. However, do not try if you do not have prior experience of carrying out such repairs because you may end up causing more damage to your car roof instead of repairing the dents. You can try to fix small dents, but it is recommended to visit a mechanic if there is considerable damage to your car roof.

Minor damage may take around a few hours or days to repair, but significant roof damage may require panel replacement or a proper paint job which will take weeks. All this work should be left in the hands of trained professionals and mechanics. Consulting a mechanic is the best option to repair your damaged car roof.

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Cars are a vital part of everyone’s daily life. It is hard to imagine life without your vehicle. In many parts of the world that experience extreme winter, hailstorms are common that can cause considerable damage to your car roof.

In the above blog, we read about certain methods to repair your damaged car roof. Do it yourself or contact a professional to help you out. Always keep your car in good shape both in appearance and in performance.

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