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There have been many celebrities who are known for their multiple skills and talent. One such example is Howard Stern. This man has multiple skills. He does hosting for the radio and TV shows, writes books and is a judge on a television talent show. Howard is listed among the prominent advocates for independent speeches. 

He does not refrain himself from being a part of any topic whatsoever controversial it is. Moreover, he is ready to take on an interview, even if it is not censored. This fearlessness has paved him with success in his career and garnering immense fortune. 

Howard got much popularity with the show on his name, called The Howard Stern Show. It came during the 80s and aired till 2005 on national radio in America. He has also broadcast on the American radio broadcasting company from the following year (2006).

At the time when he was studying at a private research university in Massachusetts, United States, he first got the opportunity to explore his career in radio. During the 90s, he developed an image of a radio personality in the morning shows at various cities in the U.S. capital. 

Howard worked in an AM radio station in the afternoon shift in NY in the decade of the 80s. He could only work here for three years, following his suspension. Howard then started doing a job in the FM radio station in NY. 

His morning radio show gathered a million listeners. Owing to his success, Howard became the recipient of several prestigious awards. Let us gather more facts about his life, career, total earning, etc. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Howard Allan Stern
Stage Name:Howard Stern
Birthday:12th January 1954
Place Of Origin:Queens, New York, United States
Age:67 years old
Height:6 ft. 4 inches
Weight:85 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Beth Ostrosky Stern
Profession:American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer
Total Net Worth:$700 million

How much Howard Stern's net worth

Early Life

Howard was born in NYC, the United States in January. His mother did a clerical office job in the same city. Whereas his father was in the Army at the time of the Second World War. After that, he worked in an American radio station as an engineer. 

Howard was also behind the co-ownership of a recording studio in the densely populated New York borough. Here making cartoons and commercials took place. Howard has a sister who is older than him. When he was a child he made up his goal to do business on the radio. His father even had a studio for recording in New York. 

With this, Howard got an ample chance to record enacting radio shows. He did his graduation in 1972. During his college days, Howard got the golden chance to experience working in a Boston radio station, at the time when he was in his second year. He even got admission into the university of Boston and came out as a graduate with distinction. 

Personal Life

Howard has been married to his current wife, Beth, since 2008. But before that Alison came into his life when he was pursuing higher education at the University of Boston. Both got married at a very young age and became parents to three girls. 

It was a coincidence that both aged equivalently during their young age. But the relationship of him with Alison did not last long, and both parted their ways after divorce in 2001. Both ended their relationship amicably. 

Other than Alison, with whom he got married and divorced later, Howard also had relations with other women, one was a model and another was an actress. But there was someone else who was yet to become his second life partner. 

She was Beth, who was a model and a host of a television show in the millennium decade. Howard dated her and finally made her soul mate of his life during their wedding at a reputed NY restaurant. 


Howard began his career in marketing for an advertising firm, until he was allotted for radio advertising sales by the company. After leaving it, he found a new job in the FM sports talk radio station. At that time, he earned very little. 

His income rose to a bigger amount when got promoted as the director in production. Howard later joined a radio station in Michigan. He again left the job and found a new one in a Chicago radio station.

During the 1980s decade, a radio station in Washington D.C selected Howard for the AM show, which became much popular in the U.S. capital with higher ratings. In the same decade, he agreed on a contract with another AM radio station in New York City for the afternoon shift. 

After some years, Howard became the highly-rated radio host. WNBC the said AM radio station in NY gained an impressive market share percentage of the audience who listened during the afternoon. But Howard did not continue for more years working in this radio station after he was fired. 

In the later years, Howard worked for the AM show in another radio station in New York. It became a successful radio show with higher ratings that aired for six years. After that, Howard started a new show in his name, called The Howard Stern Show

He earned a special name of King of All Media owing to his growing fame during the 90s. He also became the host for other shows including the popular one Saturday Night Live

Private Parts

Howard made a deal in a million price with an American publishing company to pen down his memoir, in the name of Private Parts. The book came during the 90s decade and landed into the best-selling category with 225K copies sold. 

It even topped the list of best-selling in the American mass media company. It remained for more than 10 weeks. A movie based on this book also came into being and that too did well at the box office. 

Net Worth of Howard Stern

According to 2021, $700 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of popular radio host, Howard Stern. He earned his fortune by hosting shows on radio and television. $85 million is supposed to be his annual salary at present.

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