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Destiny plays a big game in putting a man into a different field for which he is destined. The same happened with R. Kelly. He had been a good basketball sport but was destined to explore his success and fame in the field of music.

And it truly happened, as now R. Kelly is known to be a well-known rapper from America. He is also proficient in writing songs, production, and as a singer of course. Kelly made his debut with an American R&B group in the United States.

Kelly was born in 1967, the United States on January 8th. He earned his fame as a singer. But he is also a record producer. Amid his successful feats in music, there is a dark chapter that stained his celebrity image. It is the heinous allegations of sexual crime, not one, but many. Let us discuss more about his life, career, total earning, etc.

Personal Details 

Full Name:Robert Sylvester Kelly
Stage Name:R. Kelly
Birthday:8th January 1967
Place Of Origin:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Age:54 years old
Height:6 ft. 6 inches
Weight:85 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Wife:Andrea Lee
Profession:American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former semi-professional basketball player
Total Net Worth:$2 million

How much R Kelly's net worth

Early Life

Kelly was born in 1967, in the United States. He was brought up along with his siblings by a single mother, who was also into singing. Kelly never had any bonding with his father, since he never took any responsibility in his upbringing.

Kelly never had a pleasant childhood, as his family had to struggle hard to meet the daily needs. When he was a child, he began singing at a choir in the church. It was then when he came close to his first lady love. But he became unlucky to express his more love for her, as she got drowned in a river and died.

It was indeed an unfortunate incident Kelly experienced. She was the one who was behind his inclination to the music world. He might have faced multiple sexual charges put by many women. But do you know he was also once the victim of sexual assault by a woman elder to him when he was too young? It is mentioned in his autobiography.

During his youthful days, Kelly developed good sportsmanship in basketball sport and even became a part of his team. His teachers even motivated him to take up singing when they got impressed by his choir performance during the show that showcased talent. He even formed a group called MGM and released their initial single, Why You Wanna Play Me.

Personal Life

During the decade of the 90s, Kelly got married to an American singer, secretly. But it did not last long. He then married a second time with the dancer Andrea and had three kids with her. However, once again his relationship ended in divorce later.


At a very tender age, Kelly was much inclined towards the music. He even used to do performances in subways. Kelly became a participant in the American talent contest show, where he got his first breakthrough.

He turned out to be the winner with a heavy amount of prize. Then came his album Born in the 1990s during the 90s. Kelly’s music has become much popular for his tracks amassing a million followers. He came up with 12 Play, his solo debut.

The credit of redefining hip hop and R&B goes to Kelly. He is famously called King of R&B, and other musical nicknames. Kelly is famous for his number of hit songs like Bump N Grind, and grammy award winner, I Believe I Can Fly.

His remixes are also popular. Even though Kelly is mostly known as a singer, but other than that he is also into writing songs, albums for multiple singing artists, and singles. A very popular song by late singer-dancer, Michael Jackson, it was written by R. Kelly and was even nominated for a prestigious award.

Kelly gained immense success with his million records being sold all around the world. He became one of the best artists selling music during the 90s in the U.S. Kelly even topped the American musical charts for long decades. With this, he created a milestone in the history of R&B music.

He began production records and produced newbie talent, Aaliyah. An album of his name got released sixteen years ago and sold more than 3 million copies.

Current Albums

Recently, he released two albums that came during (2013-15). One was Black Panties, and another was The Buffet. As most singers do, R. Kelly also did the same of touring around the world for long years.

Tarnished Image

After reaching a tremendously successful height in the music world, Kelly’s rising career got eclipsed with sexual charges put on him. He was put behind bars when he was held for having sex with a small girl. But all the charges were put down, and he was acquitted. Not only minors, but many women have also accused him of sexual crime.

Legal Trouble

Two years back in Chicago, the recording studio of Kelly came under inspection from the police official with granted rights. They got information regarding the formation of the studio that went through various changes, with no prior permission. Although, Kelly is not the official owner of the studio, as he took it for rent.

The building which was more than 7000 square feet, came under the list of sale during the checking time for a specific price in million. The owner of the building took a stand against Kelly for the non-payment of rent. As per the law, he was supposed to pay the rent amount of $23K every month. But he did not pay heed to it. At the time of filing, Kelly submitted the amount of $167K to the landlord.

Net Worth of R. Kelly

According to 2021, $2 million is supposed to be the net worth of American singer R. Kelly. He has earned his fortune through his successful feats in the music world via hit singles and albums.

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