What Should You Do When Receiving a Scam Call?

Receiving a Scam Call

The problem with a scam call is often the fact that it sounds perfectly genuine. An online survey was conducted by The Harris Poll to attain the impact by scam calls. The survey reported that scam calls caused a total loss of about 19.7 billion USD in 2020 in the United States.

The survey also emphasized on the amount of money lost by Americans through scam calls. The figures were astounding and reported the amount of money lost by Americans increased with 9.2 billion USD in 2020 as compared to 2019.

How to Identify a Scam Call?

The only way to identify a scam call is to know who is calling. Sometimes, these scammers claim to be the IRS threatening you to pay your taxes. Sometimes, it is a person pretending to be in distress. They are also pretending to be from the State Authorities and asking you to update your data. 

The bad news is that they can rip you off your money in a jiffy. The scammers work too fast. The good news is that you can search scammer numbers by CocoFinder. Yes, it’s possible to identify these numbers through this platform.


How is CocoFinder different from others?

You might argue that when there is free softwares offering number detection services, why should you use CocoFinder? Agreed, there are applications but they are not all trustworthy. Nothing comes for free. Infact, a free app is extracting more out of you than apps you pay for.

The so-called apps intimate the caller that they are being looked up. This alerts the scammers. With premium subscription of these applications, the scammers can literally mould the truth the way they want it.  Hence, your privacy, secrecy and phone’s data, all will go for a toss! 

Further, there are also compatibility issues with such number detection apps. Scammers are very well organized these days. They try to curb every possibility of being caught. With the help of CocoFinder, you can unearth the scamming paraphernalia. 

Checking for a Scam

When it is a scam call, they would have a sense of urgency to them. Things like “pay now, act now, right now or pay fine” will definitely be a part of it. So, you cannot rely upon a platform that does not provide you instant results.

Instant Results with CocoFinder

The results with CocoFinder are immediate and instant. All you need to do is to insert the phone number. The reverse phone lookup is immediate in its results. You will instantly know who is calling you- the real IRS or scammers trying to rip you off?

Identify Scam Calls

Through CocoFinder, you can identify scam calls and shady callers. The best part is, you can respond to the calls accordingly. It identifies the true picture without relying upon data from unreliable sources.

Better than online searching for Scams

CocoFinder is the most reliable source for reverse phone tracking. You might think that if I type online and search or it on Google or search engines, I will get the truth. It is definitely not so. The scammers are so diligent these days, they will show you what they want to show you.

Better than online searching for Scams

Soundness in technology is one of the major weapons for scammers. They are fully aware of your search and how far you can think. So, they end up crafting a reality to their advantage. They will modify and mutilate the truth for their benefit. 

No Malware or Phishing Tools

The ads you have to skip when checking a reverse phone number app is more annoying than the scammer. CocoFinder is a platform with no advertisements and core purpose. Your system’s integrity will not be compromised by anything. 

You can just focus on the purpose and there will be no third party extensions to bother or annoy you. Only CocoFinder provides the kind of interface that is good for a reverse phone lookup.

Vast Database

Another added advantage of CocoFinder is that it has a massive database. They get all their information from extremely credible and authentic sources only. This will help you in ascertaining who is calling and from where. 

In addition to seeing if the call is genuine or scam, you can also dig into the background of the scammer. This is how CocoFinder’s vast database comes to rescue. So when it comes to checking on a call and its legitimacy, you must stick to CocoFinder.

Vast Database

Using CocoFinder for Reverse Phone lookup

There are no app download requirements, no installation requirements and account linkages. All you need to do is to visit CocoFinder’s page and type the phone number. As and when you enter the phone number, the search results would show the details of the caller. 

So, you can know almost everything about the scam call and caller from just the phone number. You can also engage in a complete background check of the caller if you care to do so. As the database is vast and authentic, what you see will be 100% true and fact based.

The reality of scammers is that they seldom use their real details. CocoFinder even helps you see their aliases. From details like their current complete address to previous addresses, you can see details in entirety. 

Furthermore, you can also see the email ID, social media profiles, and even relatives of the scammers. So, you can open the entire Pandora box of scammer details just from the phone number. If it is a caller if you haven’t seen before, you can run a quick check before calling them. 


With the assistance of CocoFinder, you can attain immediate answers. You do not need to give in to the sense of urgency that is posed by the scammer. Just look out for the number on the right platform and the answers will be prompt and immediate. 

Without any downloads or installations, you can search scammer numbers by CocoFinder. The web based platform is being used by alert individuals all around the world. Do not be taken for a ride, be a wise individual.

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