Kelly Slater Net Worth, How Much is Kelly Slater Worth?

Kelly Slater Net Worth

Robert Kelly Slater is well known for his prowess in surfing championships. Hailing from Florida, he proudly carries a bag of achievements ranging from World Surf League Championship to all-time winner of surfing events.

He is the eleven times winner of the worldwide surfing championship and at the age of 20, he became the youngest man to win the title.

Kelly outshined Mark Richard and became the most successful champion around the world.


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Celebrity Name– Kelly Slater
Full name– Robert Kelly Slater
Gender– Male
Birthday– Feb 11, 1972
Place of Origin -.Cocoa Beach, Florida, U.S
Age – 48 years
Height -174cm
Weight -73kg
Nationality – American
Status – Dating
Current Girlfriend – Kalani Miller
Profession – Surfer
Kelly Slater’s Total Net worth – $20 million


Kelly was born to Judy Moriarity and Stephen Slater in Florida. Judy Moriarity was running a bait store and Kelly spent his early childhood near the waters. He had two brothers named, Sean and Stephen.

Kelly started surfing at the age of five and he was surfing above the waters to quench his thirst for success. In 1984, he won the age division United States championship title.

How Much is Kelly Slater Worth


Talking about Kelly’s personal life, he is not married yet. He is dating his girlfriend Kalani Miller. There are rumors about his engagement but haven’t read the wedding vows yet. He is also the father of a teenage daughter named Taylor.


After winning age division championships, Kelly started his professional journey in the year 1990.

He went through numerous hardships for around two years and ended up getting 90th and 43rd ranking in the world championship. The surfer who surfs six hours per day, every five days a week, having a rigorous training of approximately forty weeks per year, led him to become a pro in surfing.

The Rip Curl Pro event in France in 1992 opened the way to podium for Kelly. In the famous Pipeline Masters in Hawaii, Kelly secured the first rank thereby becoming the youngest person at the age of 20 to win this title.

During the time-period of 1994-1998, Kelly earned the name and fame by winning consecutively five times. This was the time when the telecasting of surfing events had become popular. But at the end of 1998, Kelly halted his journey towards surfing and consequently, bay watching became unpopular.


  • Kelly bagged the title of World Surf League Championship 11.
  • He proudly takes the honor of winning five consecutive titles during the year 1994-1998.
  • In 1997, Kelly surpassed Mark Richards by winning the fifth world title of the Surfing championship and became the most famous sportsperson.
  • In 2005, Slater scored 20 out of 20 points under ASP two-wave scoring system and became the first surfer ever.
  • In 2007, this astonishing all-time champion won the Boost Mobile Pro event in California
  • In 2013, again Slater won the Volcom Fiji Pro championship.
  • Kelly also possesses the grand winning title of Triple Crown of Surfing (Hawaii).
  • Slater also has excelled in the X-Games in 2003 and 2004 after his Associate of Surfing Professionals (ASP) tour.


Besides wearing the crown of world championship titles, Kelly has also been active in Music Collaborations, TV Series, and Social activities

Music Collaborations – Kelly has performed in various concerts for example Harper’s Concert in Santa Barbara. He keeps performing from time to time with various musical bands and singers. In 1999, he joined Garbage singer Shirley Manson for promoting the video of the song ‘You Look So Fine’. In his free time, Kelly loves to play guitar and composes rhythms for his girlfriend Kalani Miller. He is also enthusiastic about golf and is keenly interested in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

TV Series – When it comes to TV series, Kelly worked in the TV series Baywatch and in a famous reality show The Girls Next Door. In 2002, Activision released Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, a video game for the kids. In 1990, Slater along with his friends, Rob Machado and Peter King formed a band named The Surfers.

Social Activities – Apart from sports, music, and entertainment fields, Kelly is actively involved in protecting the environment by raising awareness through his various campaigns. He has been honored by the United States House of Representatives for his participation in surfing and being a role model for all.

Having said that, Kelly has been actively involved in various Suicide Prevention Awareness programs educating the masses about depression and its consequences. The reason being he lost some of his friends due to the depression and committing suicide.

Besides this, the master of waves takes necessary campaigns on preserving oceans, protection of temperate reefs in California. The ocean conservation organization Sea Shepherd Conservation Society appointed him on the Board of Advisors for his exceptional contribution towards the ocean conservation programs.

The noble works by Kelly are not just limited to environmental protection or raising awareness campaigns, but in a nutshell, we can call him a philanthropist.


One of his future ventures involves an artificial surfing lake in Palm Beach County.

In addition to this, Kelly is about to set a dollar 200 million complexes on 400 acres in California under the name of Kelly Slater Wave Company.

He also owns a beverage company and is playing the role of brand ambassador of The Chia Company.

Fashion giants like QuickSilver have sponsored him for business ventures


Kelly has a rockstar career with an influence reaching beyond surfing to different fields of entertainment be it music, television, or environmentalist.

At present, he holds a net worth of dollar 20 million with an outstanding career. Having said that Kelly has appeared in 13 magazines but yet to appear on Sports Illustrator.

Kelly was the first person to score two perfect tens in a single heat earning him a world record. His exceptional surfing skills, lively attitude, fan following, and having won the title of world champion 11 times is something which makes him a world-class surfer.

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