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Kora Organics

You don’t have to have an hourglass figure to be able to look and feel like a supermodel. Yes, I know it seems too good to be true, but stick with me, and you’re going to see it’s possible and not that expensive to achieve it.

Besides fit and tall figures, the fashion industry also values skin health and sophisticated beauty too. And that’s what we normal people can focus on at home. Lucky we live in a time when certain supermodels, who are known for their mesmerising beauty, are more than keen on sharing their beauty secrets with us.

Take it from Miranda Kerr, the successful Australian supermodel, mum and entrepreneur famous for her smooth and radiant skin. She created her own brand of skincare, Kora Organics, and though she started humbly back in 2009, she grew into an immediate success worldwide.

Buy Kora Cosmetics to Detoxify, Nourish and Revitalise Your Skin and Health

It all started in the Land Down Under, but nowadays you can find the Miranda Kerr skincare line in more than 25 countries, from reliable sellers and retailers, because she let her wish to provide women with quality products that are natural and organic be her mission.

Buy Kora Cosmetics to Detoxify

Being in the beauty and fashion industry from a young age meant that she spent quite some time with makeup and beauty products that were full of chemicals which, not surprisingly, led to issues with breakouts like pimples and acne. Since she couldn’t find the certified organic products that made the difference with her issue and skin health in general, she took it as her task to come up with the products herself.

In other words, she participates in the choosing of the ingredients and the creation of her skincare range, cooperating with lab and organic chemists. This, along with the fact she only uses certified organic ingredients backed by the international COSMOS-standard AISBL/Ecocert is enough to know why it’s the kind of skincare that can benefit your health and well-being in general.

How Does Kora Stand Out from the Crowd?

Now that the market is full of beauty products, including organic, and there’s a great deal of greenwashing going on, we can turn to brands like the Miranda Kerr skincare as they stand out from their competition. They do this by using ingredients that are sourced from farmers who have soil that isn’t depleted by all the growth and harvest, and don’t use any herbicides and pesticides for their crops.

Some of the key ingredients include those packed with antioxidants and vitamins like aloe vera, rosehip oil, chamomile, lavender, green tea, jojoba, sea buckthorn and the beneficial noni fruit which has been a part of the supermodel’s daily diet since childhood.

As Miranda has love for crystals, and implements them in her daily life along with gentle exercise and meditation, the Kora Organics products like the luminizer are energised with rose quartz which is believed to provide soothing energy. In other words, such items soothe and calm the skin.

Besides being free of sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, T.E.A and D.E.A, glycols and silicones, ethoxylate and formaldehyde, this brand is also cruelty-free as none of the range is tested on animals.

Kerr’s idea of skin care routine is using a handful of products that not only do your skin a favour by beating the effects of free radicals and promoting a healthy glow by nourishing and regenerating on a cellular level, but to also inspire positivity, self-love and acceptance. When you buy Kora organic beauty care, you’re sure to benefit body, mind and soul!  

A Day in the Life of Miranda

If you want to feel like a supermodel every day, you can take the example from one, particularly her skincare routine, to look and feel like it.

A Day in the Life of Miranda

You can be your own celebrity by relying on a chosen set of the Miranda Kerr skincare, starting from the following products that she herself uses. Still, before moving on to applying anything, we feel the need to share with you yet another of her beauty and skin secrets: implementing the benefits of the dry brushing trend every morning!

Morning Routine

After she gets her circulation going with the brushing, she starts the day with the soap-free Kora foaming cleanser that helps rid the skin of impurities without ridding it of the natural oils, leaving it fresh, invigorated and most importantly – clean. Feel free to add it gently on your face, neck and décolletage.

Next up, grab a toner like the energising citrus mist from her Kora range to energise the skin and awaken your senses. This kind of product is even good to be used over makeup to maintain its freshness for hours. This is followed by the noni bright vitamin C serum that helps improve the skin texture and even out the skin tone, as it’s created to reduce the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation, and provides protection from environmental damages.

Not forgetting the delicate eye area, she then moves on to apply the noni radiant eye oil known to awaken and brighten the skin. Since the rollerball applicator is made from rose quartz, you can feel a lovely vibration whenever gently massaging to apply the product. Wrap it up with Miranda Kerr skincare like noni glow face oil and hydrating moisturiser for optimum beauty!

Morning Routine

Evening Routine

Once back home from work and ready to call it a day, she makes sure all the makeup and pollution is out of her skin by using the brand’s cream cleanser that does the job without affecting the skin’s pH balance thanks to ingredients like certified organic aloe vera, macadamia nut and avocado oils. To get the body, mind and soul prepared for a restful sleep, she then uses the calming lavender mist that soothes and refreshes at the same time.

Grab the Noni night serum as the following product to resurface your skin and improve your complexion, then once again apply the three products you applied in the morning: moisturiser, face and eye oils. Finish up by using the noni glow sleeping mask to get smooth and radiant skin overnight by repairing and renewing the tissues – not to mention, this product specifically is known to be beneficial for smoothing redness while also diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Basically this is everything you need to wake up with plump skin, and getting in the habit of this routine would also help you relax as you grow to like the feeling of pampering. 

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