Lance Armstrong Net Worth, How Much Is Lance Armstrong Worth

Lance Armstrong's net worth

Like any other sport, cycling is also a popular one. And the one name that comes to our mind is Lance Armstrong. He is the winner of many titles and became the world champion in the 90s. At a very young age, he took part in many competitions and became champion in his cycling sport.

Lance also showed his prowess in movies as well as documentaries. His career sloped down when the Olympic Council put a ban on him for doping charges. Let us get to know more about Lance Armstrong’s life, career, total earning, etc in this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Lance Edward Armstrong
Stage Name: Lance Armstrong
Gender: Male
Birthday: 5th November 1955
Place Of Origin: Plano, Texas, United States
Age: 49 years old
Height: 5 ft. 8 inches
Weight: 75 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Divorced
Wife: Kristin Richard
Profession: American professional road racing cyclist
Total Net Worth: $60 million

How much Lance Armstrong net worth

Early Life

Lance was born in the hospital in the United States south-central region in 1971 in September. His origin comes mixed with 3 countries (Norwegian, Dutch, and Canadian). The name Lance was inspired by the ex-football flanker from America. At the time of his infant stage, Lance’s parents got separated in 1973.

His mother had a second marriage with another man in the sales profession. He adopted the child Lance. Lance did his schooling at a reputed high school and explored swimming there. During the 80s, in the under-19 group, he became the top triathlete.

Personal Life

Lance married Kristin during the 90s and became the father of three kids. She became pregnant with the sperm Lance had banked much before surgery and cancer treatment. However, their relationship did not last long after both chose to get separated.

In 2005, his children went to the annual men’s multiple stage bicycle races. It all came with the request of the cyclist champ. Lance was helped by his son in trophy hoisting. Whereas his daughters hold flowers in yellow colors, along with a stuffed toy lion mascot.

After the divorce from her first wife, Lance dated the singing artist, Sheryl. Both even declared their engagement in 2005. But in the next year came the announcement of their split. Then he started dating Anna, with whom he met during his charitable work.

Lance even revealed about her pregnancy in 2008 December and was expecting to become a father once again. Although, due to his testicular cancer problem, his possibility of becoming a father was doubted. But he did become a father with his fourth child, announcing through a tweet.


Lance Armstrong has now become 49 years old, as per his date of birth. He stands at a good height of five feet eight inches, weighing around 75 kg.


Lance began his sports career in cycling with the Motorola racing team. He grabbed multiple victories in the racing competition in Europe. After recovering from his health issue, Lance made a comeback to his racing sport and won the medal (bronze) in the Olympics match in 2000. In between, he declared about his retirement after winning the multiple stage bicycle championship in France. But he dropped his decision and raced for the Astana team.

The backdrop in his career came when he faced allegations related to doping. It happened after he won the title for multiple stage bicycle races. He never accepted the doping charges against him, but once during the investigation conducted by USADA, it was found that cyclist champion, Lance, did consume some kind of drugs that helped him in boosting his energy during the race. And this ended his cycling sports career with a lifetime ban.

However, the decision of USADA was supported by the Union of International cycling and came up with the decision that the winning titles that have been stripped from the Lance winning kitty, won’t be distributed to other fellow racer cyclists. In the later year, the cyclist racer champ accepted his involvement in doping matters.

He even became ready to make the million payment to the government of the U.S. It all came when the proceedings followed by the revelation of information through some source was started by an ex-member of the cyclist team.

Friendship With Bush

According to an article that came in the American daily newspaper, one of the fellow team members indicated Lance’s participation in cycling for Texas governor. In another American magazine, the cyclist champ too indicated his race participation. Lance even had a friendly relationship with George W. Bush.

The former president of America even applauded him for his victory in the 2005 bicycle race. A popular news magazine in America even mentioned the Bush offer to Lance for biking on a mountain. During an interview with the British newspaper, Lance mentioned the former American president as his close friend.


Owing to his tremendous riding quality, the Olympic committee of the United States gave Lance the honor of Sportsman of the Year and many other prestigious awards. In 2000, Lance e even won an international trophy in the name of the late athlete, Jesse Owens.


But Lance faced a serious health issue that indicated some form of cancer in his lower body organ. When he recovered from it, he created a foundation on his name with the purpose to help those who survived cancer.

He joined the brigade of top stalwarts in sports in the Athletes for Hope foundation. It is a charity that brings experienced athletes to become a part of the charity and encourages those who do not belong from an athlete background in supporting the community.

Net Worth of Lance Armstrong

According to 2021, $60 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of cyclist champ, Lance Armstrong. He made his fortune in multiple tournaments throughout his sports career. The other source of income comes from his coffee business and an automobile shop.

Ending Note

Lance has made a special mark in being a proficient rider in the cycle race sport. He made a record of gaining victories more than six in the multiple stage bicycle racing in France. He did get honored with prestigious awards for his dedicated sportsmanship. Lance even fared well at the international level. He might be mostly-known as a cycle racer sportsman, but he has also shown his acting prowess in movies.

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