The complete tire and wheel cleaning guide to make them stand out

complete tire and wheel

Tire rolls every day and everywhere and these are just like your shoes. Imagine you go to a party in a gorgeous and clean dress but the shoes are dirty and have dirt marks all over them. How will you feel people looking at it and laughing?

The same is the case with your car people often took good care of their car like washing, polishing, and waxing but they don’t focus on tires because they think they will get dirty ASAP when they drive on the road.

But don’t worry today we will discuss the best procedure and technique with you so, that you can bring your car’s tires back to life and they will continue their shine for a decent period of time.

What is tire dressing?

Before we dive deep into the procedure and technique. We should know that what actually is tire dressing. Tire dressing is the formula or the mixture of two or more formulas ( containing both cleaner and shine ) that is used to restore old faded tires to bring them back to life. It mainly consists of wheel cleaner and tire shine.

Now here we will discuss the whole procedure and the best technique to apply tire dressing.

What is tire dressing

1. Get your things out

For the whole procedure, we may require some things which are mentioned below.

  1. Car wash soap (optional)
  2. Best wheel cleaner
  3. Best Wheel brush
  4. Best tire shine

The first thing that comes first that you should wash your car’s tire with water and soap.

Applying soap is optional as the main purpose of wheel cleaner is also to clean the wheels but if we wash it with soap and water and then apply wheel cleaner, it will bring extraordinary results.

2. Get your cleaner out

Now take out the best wheel cleaner and spray it over your car’s wheel and use the brush to remove any hard stuck dirt. But it should be kept in mind that the brush should not be too hard that it can cause scratches over the wheels and you end up with your ugly wheels.

Now let the wheel cleaner sit there for a maximum of 2 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water.

3. Get your bad dude to shine out

After the second step let your wheels dry and then apply the tire shine to the tires. And use the same brush to clean the tires too ( but make sure the brush is well cleaned after the wheels things being done ). Now let the tire shine sit there for two minutes and then rinse it off. 

4. Dry them out with the cloth

Now make sure that you should use a cloth or microfiber towel (preferred) to dry the wheels and tire so, that they don’t have water spots all over them.

After the complete procedure Here is some of the things you should know after being a tire guy.

Different types of tire dressing

Different types of tire dressing

There are generally two types of tire dressing which are water-based tire dressing and non-water based tire dressing ( OR solvent-based )

Here are some of the advantages of both types of tire dressings.

Advantages of water-based tire dressing

  • They are environmental friendly
  • Easy to use and can be handled with less care
  • If it falls over the user or his clothes it doesn’t cause any harm
  • Give rapid results

On the other hand non-water based requires proper care to handle as they are a mixture of different chemicals that can cause harm to the human body. 

But everything has its pros and cons as there are two sides to the mirror 

Non-water based dressing has its advantages as well like

Advantages of non-water-based tire dressing

  • They are more long-lasting than the water-based
  • Offer more resistance to the water and dirt
  • It gives better result than the water-based

If you are a car dude and can handle things in a great way it is better to go with solvent-based or non-water baked tire dressing because it offers more durability to tire shine.

But if you are new to the game and will end up ruining your clothes using non-water based it is more user-friendly.

How often you should be doing tire dressing?

It is advised to apply wheel cleaner every time you go to a car wash to show some love to your car’s wheel

But as long as it is concerned about tire shine it is enough if you apply tire shine once in two months.

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