The Key to A Healthy and Glowing Skin

Healthy and Glowing Skin

Common Skin Problems

Skin Sagging

Saggy skin can be the most common side effect of weight loss. Seeing it on both the face and body is often associated with the loss of fat. 

One more reason why you get saggy skin is the degeneration or reduction of collagen and elastin in the dermis. While anyone can get saggy skin, it’s more likely to happen in people as they age. People who have lost significant amounts of weight are also more sensitive. Certain medical conditions may also be the reason.

Skin Sagging

This skin problem can be a hassle to heal at home, but there are skin-firming solutions that can help, from over-the-counter products to surgical procedures.

Acne Scars

Acne scars are the result of swelling of acne blemishes. The acne pore inflames and a breakdown happens in the wall of the pore. Acne blemishes are sometimes small and the scars created are shallow and they disappear quickly. 

Acne Scars

Seldom, the contents of blemishes scatter into the surrounding tissue and result in deeper scars. The skin will respond by repairing the scar by forming new collagen fibers.

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are dips in the facial skin surface that have one or more cracks to the ducts which hold sweat and oil from their respective eccrine glands and sebaceous glands. 

Enlarged Pores

The main reason why your pores are enlarged is excessive sebum: This is when a person’s sebaceous gland makes a lot of oil, which eventually leads to oily skin. If there is lower elasticity around the pore he is when the skin becomes less soft.


Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in our skin. They naturally appear as people age. The first wrinkles usually appear on a person’s face in places where the skin folds when doing facial expressions. They are created due to the skin becoming thinner and less elastic as time passes by.


The areas of the body that gets the most sun exposure, such as the neck, face, back of the hands, and arms. These body parts will most likely have wrinkles.

Deciding The Right Treatment

You need to get a treatment suitable for your skin type,  so you’ll need to book an appointment with the most trusted dermatologists. You can find them in Aesthetica. There are many areas a dermatologist needs to look at when determining what facial treatment your skin is asking for. They’ll do a skin analysis to see what conditions are present. 

They’ll also evaluate your current skincare product regime because those products can be adding concerns rather than nourishing. Then according to your concerns, they’ll make recommendations on products and provide a custom treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Different Skin Types

Each one of us has unique skin; hence, it is a must to learn all types of skin and the diseases that may affect each one. Below are some common skin types:


This kind of skin is neither too oily nor too dry. It has regular texture, zero imperfections and a clean, soft appearance, and does not need special care.


This kind of skin is more prone to react to stimuli to which normal skin has no reaction. It is a delicate skin, usually partnered by feelings of discomfort, such as heat, tightness, redness or itching. This type of skin loses its barrier function, making it easy for bacteria and irritant substances to enter it, and increasing the possibility of having an infection and allergic reactions. It is sensitive skin that needs more care.


Usually, the result of external factors such as the weather, low air humidity, and immersion in hot water is dry skin is. It is also usually temporary. 

On the other hand, for some people, it may occur more often and even be a lifelong condition. Since dry skin can crack, leaving it more exposed to microorganisms. In general, this is not serious. It may provoke other skin disorders, such as eczema, or be more prone to infections if not properly handled. 


Oily skin has a porous, greasy, and bright appearance. It is caused by too much fat production by sebaceous glands and is usually determined by genetic and/or hormonal causes. It is common in adolescents and young people under the age of 30 and is usually linked with the occurrence of acne.


Just by its name, it shows characteristics of both dry and oily skin. The parts with more oil are usually the T- zone (forehead, nose, and chin), while the skin on the cheeks is dry or normal.

Who To Trust With Your Skin Treatments

Who To Trust With Your Skin Treatments

There are already many great dermatological clinics found everywhere but not all of them can satisfy and give you more happiness and confidence than Aesthetica. Aesthetica was founded by Dr. Keshav Grover after seeing an overuse of anti-aging treatments that often result in an unnatural appearance. 

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