The Triple Checklist for the Best Car Performance

Checklist for the Best Car Performance

Regular maintenance is a guarantee of the safety and longevity of your car. It is also a mandatory requirement to benefit from the manufacturer warranty, that is to say, the free replacement of defective products.

Not only that, taking regular care maintains the market value of the car.

The maintenance of your car should cover three essential points:

the engine, electricity, and safety.

The heart of the car: engine maintenance

The functionality of a car depends on its engine. It is therefore essential to revise it regularly.

  1. Changing the oil every eight months

When starting the vehicle, if the oil indicator on the dashboard does not turn off as it should, immediately check the oil level and condition: color and viscosity.

If the oil is black and is slowly flowing down the dipstick, go for immediate service.

  1. Changing the Engine Filter

You should change your car air filter every 20,000 km or once a year. But if you drive through city streets or dusty roads, it is better to change the filter more regularly and inspect it more often. It’s best to do this before your Mazda warning lights come on!

You can reduce fuel consumption and improve acceleration by replacing a clogged air filter.

  1. Checking the Coolant Level

Too much coolant can cause problems for your vehicle. Overheating leads to corrosion, water pump failure, and increased engine wear.

When your engine runs out of coolant, a red “STOP” warning light comes on on the dashboard. Listen to your car, and stop right away to avoid engine failure.

  1. Checking the Cooling System

It is difficult to diagnose problems that affect the cooling system. If your engine gets too hot, overheats, or gets too cold, it means that there is a leak in the circuit or that one of the components is no longer fulfilling its role.

By paying attention to these signs and examining the cooling system, you can quite easily identify the source of the problem.

  1. Checking the Fuel System

A malfunction of the fuel system can prevent an engine from starting. If the engine does not start due to lack of fuel, you must look for the reason. The reason could be:

  • An electrical problem.
  • The fuel pump.
  • A clogged fuel filter.
  • A faulty fuel regulator.
  • The fuel injectors.

Maintenance of the Electrical System

While many parts of an automobile can fail, some of these failures can be more dangerous. That is the case with electrical failures, which can be dramatic depending on the parts affected by the damage. Besides, the nature of electricity makes it dangerous when someone handles it without basic precautions.

To prevent any breakdowns, pay special attention to the maintenance of the electrical system.

The electrical system consists of:

  • A battery
  • An alternator
  • A starter
  • Fuses

Check that the battery cables are tight and connected. Also, check the fuses and replace damaged cables if necessary.

Regularly clean dust with a wire brush to prevent oxidation problems.

You can even grease the cables to prevent sulfate build-up.

Finally, monitoring the water level is essential. Remember to use distilled or deionized water.

Elements That Guarantee Safety


Driving safety largely depends on the performance of the brakes. It is, therefore, crucial to regularly check their condition. Change defective drums and check for fluid leaks.

You must check the brake pads every 10,000 km and change them if their thickness is less than 4 mm. The brake disc depends on the brake pads, and it can oxidize, crack or twist. Thus, it is necessary to check the brake disc each time you change the brake pads.

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are part of the car suspension system, which helps maintain contact between the wheels and the ground. Linked to the suspension springs, they are essential elements that ensure optimal driving comfort and safety.

You should service the shock absorber and clutch regularly, as they help keep the vehicle safe. Change the clutch if your pedal squeals or if you have trouble shifting gears, this is a sign that the cables are somehow loose, or that the springs are about to break.

Having trouble steering your car or your steering wheel vibrates, these are the absorbers you need to replace.


Tires deteriorate over time, even when not in use. Older tires have reduced traction and are more prone to cracking and therefore fail without warning.

Driving with cracked tires causes a blowout during long journeys. The cracks in tires cause them to heat up and lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Another risk, and not the least, is the decrease in safety, due to a certain loss of grip and control.

Check your tires regularly for wear and change them if the tread thickness is less than 1.6 mm. Also, test tires inflation pressure. And remember that each set of tires have a specific pressure.

Small but Mighty Checks

Your visibility must be perfect to drive safely.

Thus, change the wiper blades every year, preferably in the fall.

Also, keep an eye out for your lighting systems which may deteriorate due to dust. Always have a box of spare bulbs in your trunk.

The air conditioner must also be in good working order to ensure a comfortable drive. So, its maintenance is essential.

The frequency of maintenance varies from car to car. To make sure your auto is running safe and sound, always refer to the manufacturer’s booklet. It contains all the information you need for the proper maintenance of your car. Besides, keeping it means you care for your car. That in its turn, ensures finding more potential buyers if you are thinking of selling your car.

During maintenance, you may find that some parts are no longer up to running standard. In that case, you need to change them before they damage your car or pose a safety risk. Don’t choose just any car parts, though, but go for top-of-the-line parts and accessories. These are more compatible with your vehicle and have longer lifecycles. So you do not have to change parts often, and you save money in the long run.

Life is an open road. Enjoy every ride!

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