UK Fun Cup #9

UK Fun Cup #9

The Fun Cup endurance series was introduced in the United Kingdom in 2002 as a leap forward towards motorsport with the clear purpose of offering cost-effective, competitive, thrilling, and most importantly, an entertaining event for all participants.

Depending on the popularity of endurance karting, the concept was first proposed in Belgium. Currently, it has grown in popularity, with regular grids in the UK exceeding 30 vehicles.

It is globally recognized for being a competitive yet entertaining event with a cheerful and fun atmosphere among the drivers and spectators. Giti Tire has been named the Official Tire Partner of the VW Fun Cup for the fifth consecutive year, earlier in 2020.

About The UK Fun Cup

The Fun Cup Endurance Championship, which began in Europe in 1997, offers some of the most economical endurance racing experience on the continent, with similar vehicles and up to 50 hours of driving over the course of a full season. Franz Dubois founded the Fun Cup in 1997 as a one-make motorsport series in Belgium.

In the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and the Canary Islands, the Fun Cup national series were contested, all of which culminated in the 25 Hours at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. The races are known for their competitiveness, as well as the friendliness and convenience with which they have participated.

The vehicles are single-seaters with super-strong space frame chassis that were designed for motorsport. They are equipped with a Sadev sequential gearbox and an 1800cc, 130 horsepower VW/Audi engine. Additional upgrades include paddle shifters and pit-to-car radios, as well as racing brakes and completely adjustable suspension.

All of the automobiles are similar in terms of specifications, with no performance enhancements. The series is divided into two classes, with the best three teams in each class receiving a trophy at the end of each race.

The races are entirely endurance, lasting between 3 and 8 hours in the United Kingdom, with pit breaks and the excitement that comes with such a competition. In the UK, teams range from two to six drivers and owing to carefully crafted regulations, the likelihood of succeeding is the same regardless of how many people are in one group.

As a result, with the vehicle engines and gearboxes sealed and regulations tightly enforced, the racing is extremely close and the operating expenses for this style of racing are astonishingly low. In Fun Cup, many teams provide automobile rental services in addition to selling cars. One may hire one-off drives, a seat for the entire season, or a car for the entire season, along with full circuit assistance, without having to buy anything.

The Fun Cup is well advertised, with coverage in a variety of outlets ranging from motor racing journals to newspapers, relevant news magazines, and television. A £10,000 award for any new squad of drivers who wins their first Fun Cup Endurance event, the opportunity to race in the legendary Spa 25 Hours race, and professionally produced TV coverage are among the other appealing incentives.

2022 schedule: The VW Fun Cup has recently released a provisional schedule for 2022 that indicates the series is likely to be held on 19th March and will continue till 22nd October. With circuits including Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Donington Park, and more, the Fun Cup in 2022 entails a total of 9 rounds.

GIti Tire’s take on the UK Fun Cup 

Earlier, Giti Tire has actively participated in the UK Fun Cup event for the fifth year in a row, which brought a huge thrill to small vehicles. All of the vehicles in the race were equipped with GitiCompete GTR2 tires, which are part of a wide variety of competitive racing tires used in tournaments all over the world.

The company’s proven technological breakthroughs were being used to expand its daily passenger car portfolios. This one-of-a-kind event, which featured customised Volkswagen Beetles and the GitiCompete GTR2 street/circuit racing tire lived up to the hype with thrilling and entertaining track action. In terms of speed, durability, and thrill, the cars make up for their lack of size.

Through the racing series, Giti Tire has partnered with Team BRIT, an organization dedicated to inspiring veterans with disabilities, PTSD, and mental health concerns by showcasing what can be accomplished through motorsports. Giti Tire was the series’ official tire partner, and its Giti GTR2 competitive racing tires were used on Team BRIT vehicles, which undoubtedly enhanced Giti’s participation in the series.

Furthermore, Giti branding has proudly featured on each vehicle, and branded activities were done throughout the events to inform participants about Giti. In the end, the warm and enjoyable environment at each event is one of the series’ strengths, which brings together racing enthusiasts, families, and casual onlookers in one place.

About Giti Tire

Singapore-based Giti Tire is one of the major tire manufacturers in the world with more than 8 manufacturing facilities and houses more than 32,000 employees.

With roots extending back to 1951, it has now become one of the largest manufacturers of tires in the world. It announced plans to build a $560 million production plant in South Carolina, USA, which marked its first manufacturing facility outside of Asia.

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