What You Need To Know About Workforce Intelligence Software

Workforce Intelligence Software

Workforce intelligence software can be highly beneficial to investors and business owners. There are a few things to consider before choosing to invest in the software. Here is what you should know about workforce data:

What Is Workforce Intelligence Software?

Workforce intelligence data software is a collection of different workplace dynamic information. The information found by workforce software is collected and compiled into one accessible database. Workforce intelligence collects information from past and current public or private areas. This information can be helpful in several different scenarios.

Where Does the Information Come From?

The information gathered by workforce intelligence software comes from five main areas. The majority of the information can be found publicly in different places. Here are the areas that the software pulls from:

  • Reviews: This software can pull reviews about companies by employees. Reviews in written and scored forms are both collected. This can allow you to see how employees feel about their current company or how they would rate companies from their past.
  • Firmographic Information: This information can include subsidiary-parent relationships between companies, classifications by industries, and financial identifiers.
  • Government Data: Most government data is published publicly, but it can be tedious to sift through. Workforce software finds government data like labor statistics, immigration filings, census, social security administration, and voter registration. Government data can be found domestically or globally.
  • Job Listings: Job postings can have key information for you and your company. The dates, descriptions, salaries, and more are available through this software.
  • Employee Statistics: You can find information on current, past, and future employees with this software. Information like companies worked for, titles and education achieved, skill sets, and more are found with workforce software.

These are just a few of the areas which this software can gather information from. This information is gathered and standardized for easy viewing and interpretation.

Depending on where you choose to get this software from, you can have it delivered in different formats. Some software can give you monthly reports, graphs, and statistical reports. Cloud-based workforce data can give you real-time information. When choosing where your workforce data comes from, consider the way you want to receive the information.

Ways To Use Workforce Data

There are many aspects of a business that can benefit from using workforce data. Whether you are an HR manager, a business owner, or an investor, you use workforce data software to your advantage. Here are some ways that you can use workforce intelligence software:

Saving Money

Workforce intelligence data can assist in finding the best ways to save money for your business. You and your team can track changes before implementing them to see whether or not they increase your savings. You can also find areas of business that are not making as much money and adjust them. Workforce intelligence can help you plan different paths to make sure success and money-saving are achieved.

Enhancing Hiring Practices

Your HR department can use this software to find the best candidates for your current open positions. Resumes can only tell you so much about a potential employee. Workforce data gives you more insight into the background of candidates. This can be helpful when hiring, creating new job descriptions, and more.

If you are going through a job search, you can find companies that are looking for an employee like you. You can also see what past employees have said about a company. The more information you understand about an employee or company, the easier it can be to make decisions about hiring or applying.

Customizing Reports

As an investor or business owner, you can utilize workforce software to better understand the direction a company is headed. With data from its past successes, hiring and attrition trends, ratings, preferred employee skills based on position, financial reports, and much more, you can get a clear overall picture on a single streamlined database. You can customize the software to display whichever reports are most relevant to your circumstances or interests.

Workforce Intelligence for Better Business

By utilizing workforce intelligence software, you can create plans of action to increase your business’s success. This software is simple to use and can be used by management teams, investors, administrators, and more. To increase your productivity, success, and more, consider using workforce intelligence software for daily business operations.

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