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Why You Should be Thinking About Getting a Solarium

Thinking About Getting a Solarium

Adding even a small amount of square footage can make a tremendous difference in your house. If you want some more space, don’t assume you need to add a standard room. You have lots of options to consider. 

Adding a room is often too expensive or won’t work well with the home’s structure. A solarium is a superb choice for homes that may otherwise not have a lot of options for additional square footage. If you love plants and natural light, a solarium is an even better choice for you. 

Here are some reasons that you should be considering a solarium if you want more space in your home. 

Doesn’t Obstruct Natural Light 

Perhaps you have a space on your property that would be good for building an additional room, but it would mean that too much natural light is taken away when the existing windows are replaced with an interior wall. A solarium continues to allow light into the room you’re building onto.

In fact, you may find that you end up with more light in the existing room. You’ll be able to put plants that provide privacy into the solarium without obstructing the light near as much as the blinds or curtains you otherwise would have used.

Doesn’t Require Expanding Your Roof 

One of the most limiting aspects of building an addition to your current home is having to expand your roof. Expanding an existing roof is a huge project. If you build on a room and the roof doesn’t match your current roof, it can ruin the look and curb appeal of your home. 

A solarium is a great solution since it has a glass roof that doesn’t need to coordinate with your current roof to look great. You can have the solarium roof extend out from your current roof, build it below your existing roof line, or do just about whatever else you like.

Create a Unique Space in Your Home 

Unlike a room addition, which shares your central AC and feels like an extension of your existing space, a solarium is a totally unique area in your home. You can use a Wall AC Unit to provide customized temperature control in your solarium. 

This is a great way to prevent the solarium from negatively affecting your home’s current temperature control system. As you can imagine, a room made almost entirely of glass may not have the best insulation. 

Using a PTAC unit, you can get customized temperature control for either hot or cold weather. If the weather is nice, turn the PTAC unit off entirely, open up the windows, and enjoy your solarium as an open-air porch space. 

Wall air conditioners can rapidly heat or cool the space when you want to use it, so you can save energy and money by keeping the unit off when you’re not using it. 

Since you can control the temperature in the space, you can create ideal conditions for whatever you want to do. Perhaps you’d like to use the solarium for hot yoga in the morning and enjoy a drink with friends there in the afternoon. With a PTAC unity, your solarium is whatever you want it to be.

Great for Plants or Projects Requiring Natural Light 

Are you a houseplant enthusiast? You won’t find a better space to grow houseplants. Is painting a hobby you enjoy? It’s hard to beat the natural light in a solarium for artistic pursuit. 

It probably won’t take you long to imagine what hobby you would like to enjoy in your new solarium with the benefit of all of that natural light. You may even take up a new hobby that you haven’t thought to try before, now that you have the perfect space for it. 

Affordable Space Extension

Installing a solarium is a more affordable option than making a more invasive addition to your home. It’s up to you how much of the current wall should remain and how much finishing to do in the solarium. 

Since the solarium has its own temperature control and doesn’t need to be insulated, there are fewer steps to building a solarium than there are to adding a room to your house. You can get the extra space you need with a very cool addition at a reasonable price.

Increase The Value of Your Home 

A solarium is the kind of addition that immediately increases your home’s curb appeal and the chances that a potential buyer will fall in love with your house. You can build all sorts of different solariums depending on your home’s style. 

Pick a charming lean-to solarium for a smaller cottage home or a bold rectangular solarium for a more modern house. Whatever your home’s style and your personal tastes, you can build a solarium that will increase the value of your home substantially.

Enjoy Your New Solarium 

A solarium can be a superb addition to your home, giving you unique additional living space at a reasonable price. A solarium with independent climate control can be useful for all sorts of different things, and may just be the space that your home is missing.

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