4 Superb Ways How a Ceramic Coating Benefits Your Car

Coating Benefits Your Car

When you finally get to the point where you can buy yourself a good car, you want that car to look shiny and new forever with minimal maintenance effort from your side. But, that’s hardly possible. Or is it?

While basic things like regular washing and monthly waxing will get rid of dirt, grime, stain marks, scratches etc, there’s no guarantee that they will completely disappear. They’ll come back the next day, along with all the swirling from the washing you did.

So, what’s the solution? Well, that’s where we come in with ceramic coatings. This article will discuss what it is and how it can benefit your car.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

What is a Ceramic Coating?

To begin with, it’s important to understand what a ceramic coating is. It’s a liquid polymer that you can apply on the exterior of your car with your hand. The coating then chemically bonds with your car’s original paint to create a layer of protection.

The permanent or semi-permanent bond created from the ceramic coating ensures that it won’t break down or wash away. You also won’t have to repeat the coating at least for a few good months.

However, it’s best to keep in mind that this coating is not a substitute for a protection film, which can give you a more thorough form of defense. Instead, ceramic coatings can be considered to be a premium wax alternative.

4 Ways Ceramic Coating Can Benefit Your Car

We’ve learned that not only ceramic coating protects the exterior of your car, it can also give it a new-like look with just a minimal amount of maintenance. Let’s now move on to how ceramic coating makes that possible. Here are 4 ways how:

●    Defense from UV Damage and Oxidation

If you’re someone who parks your car under the sun from time to time, then you should be aware that it can oxidize the paint.

This can make the paint look dull and faded – which is what we don’t want. But, a layer of ceramic coating will protect your car against the UV, minimize the oxidation, and maintain your car’s paint too!

So, you can park your car anywhere under the sun and it won’t damage the paint as much as it would without a layer of ceramic coating.

●    Defense from Chemical Stains and Etching

Did you know that chemical stainings from naturally acidic contaminants can be dangerous for your car? And did you also know that ceramic coating can help prevent that?

This wonderful coating creates a chemical surface that is resilient enough to keep some of the harmful contaminants from bonding over your car’s paint.  Your car will be more resistant to etchings and stainings, given that the contaminant is taken care of.

●    Easy Cleaning

One of the best (and our favorite) benefits of ceramic coating is that it’s hydrophobic, which repels water. If you decide to get the coating, you’ll notice that water will slide off of your car more smoothly and bead on it.

This indicates that dirt, mud, and grime will have a harder time bonding to your car’s paint. Not only those, but contaminants will be less of a hassle to remove too!

●    Helps to Amplify Gloss

So, other than all the protection and deterrents that ceramic coating does, it gives your car’s paint a pop too. A good, clean coat of this wonderful coating will reflect all the best properties of your car’s paint and add clarity and depth to it as well. Who doesn’t want their car paint to look good all the time?

What a Ceramic Coating Doesn’t Do

So, from what we’ve gathered so far – ceramic coating maintains your car’s original paint and minimizes maintenance needs. This adds value to your car and makes it look new.

However, there are always two sides to a story, and the ceramic coating isn’t any different. Despite the numerous claims from manufacturers and detailers alike, there isn’t a product created that will solve all and every problem of your car.

This is precisely why you should also know what ceramic coating won’t do for your car. Here’s a list we’ve made for you:

Doesn’t Permanently Remove Swirl Marks, Scratches or Rock Chips

Ceramic coating is not entirely scratch-proof. You’ll find that this part of it is sometimes exaggerated. Yes, it will repel smaller scratches, but no coating can repel a scratch, from random parking lot scratches or rock chips.

Moreover, aspects like inappropriate washing techniques or automatic car washes will still leave swirl marks on your car’s surface. It’s vital to know that ceramic coating is not an answer to repelling serious scratches or chips.

Can’t Eliminate Swirls and Spots Completely

Even normal droplets of water can carry minerals or dirt. And when these droplets eventually evaporate from your car’s surface, you’ll still be able to notice visible spots with minerals.

Consumers and detailers alike often overestimate the hydrophobic aspect of ceramic coating – that it will get rid of spots and water will slide off. While that is true to some extent, there will always be water droplets that will bead and remain on the surface and leave behind spots.

Not Fully Maintenance Free

Finally, you’ll notice that we’ve been saying minimal maintenance and not no maintenance. When you’re out on the road, your car gets dirty, especially from riding on dirt roads.

And even with a layer of ceramic coating, you’ll have to wash the dirt off regularly, if that is how you usually use your car. Yes, the cleaning routine will be much easier, and you won’t have to wax your car every few months, but ceramic coating won’t make it be completely maintenance-free.

That being said, with less cleaning work, you’ll be able to maintain much better results. So, that’s a win!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that, while ceramic coating won’t solve ALL your car problems, it will help to ease some burden off your shoulders.

Protection from the sun’s harmful rays, removing the need to maintain your car’s paint and exterior regularly, preventing chemical stains, and bringing a shine to your car are great benefits for your car and it’s a smart decision to get a ceramic coating.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’ve used ceramic coating before and how it helped you or if you’re inspired to try it out after reading our article!

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