Alternatives for facemask trendy fashion ideas for women

face mask trendy fashion

The world has been going through one of the deadliest pandemic the COVID-19 that is a virus rapidly spreading around the globe. There is no single country that has been safe from this virus. At some places of the world, the pandemic has caused great losses.

Many people lost their lives due to this virus. Till now there have been 3.4 million deaths around the globe. The death toll has been continuously increasing. Whereas scientists and doctors around the globe have been working tirelessly to find out a permanent solution to the virus. As per the World Health Organization WHO to stay prevented from the virus is to use a face mask, proper sanitization, and social distancing. The virus is seen to be spreading from human to human due to sneezing and coughing.

The world has been tired of wearing normal masks now there is a huge number of people trying to find out alternatives for replacing the normal surgical face mask with any trendy facemask that works for the same purpose but is styled differently. Many designers have been successful in creating some trendy face masks out of leather, fabric, and plastic shields. Some people loved those facemask alternatives and adopted them.

face mask trendy fashion


The best alternatives available for a face mask that work similarly to the normal face masks are discussed as under:

  • Transparent Face Shield:

The transparent face shield is just a piece of plastic that is used to cover up the user’s face that protects it from others while being in a public place or any social gathering. The face mask is made out of a plastic-type material that covers the whole face.

  • Fabric Mask:

The fabric mask is made out of any type of fabric most probably it is made out of cotton. The face mask is the same as the normal face mask that has the difference of the built material only while everything except the stuff is the same.

  • N95 Mask:

The N95 mask is the most efficient mask available in the market now. Compared to the other competitors in the market. The N95 is capable of filtering both small and big particles from the air when the user breathes. Whereas these masks are not recommended for the public but they are supposed to be secured for the healthcare workers that are working on the frontlines for the sake of humanity.

  • Face mask with Valves:

The face mask with the valves is the most special type of mask. This mask makes it for the user to breathe out. As the user is exhaling out he is putting out all his germs to move freely in the environment that makes it risky for others so that’s why this mask is not allowed in public places.

  • Neck Gaiters:

The neck gaiter is a very fashionable alternative for the face mask. The face mask has the same old vibe that everybody has whereas, a neck gaiter-wearing person looks versatile and different from others.  is a great place to look out for stylish and trendy neck gaiters available in a very huge amount of choices for both summers and winters.


In the world of fashion, you cannot wait for tomorrow to wear a thing that is in fashion today. You don’t know that if tomorrow there is a new fashion introduced changing everything and making your clothes outdated. A few latest fashion trends of the present time are discussed as under:

  • Single Color clothing:

Now it’s time to forget the monochrome colors, the newest big thing in the world of fashion is single patterned clothing. You can just wear a plain colored top to give you a decent look and along with that, you can pair up pants with some stripes to create an eye-catching dress.

  • Leather Jackets and thin Strappy Sandals:

The leather jackets and thin strappy sandals are always living trends that could never end. Whereas if you look at both then they are opposite season trends. This pair can bang any outfit for a party or an under the sky dinner. The leather jacket and the thin strappy sandals can go best along with a high-waisted skirt.

  • Bomber Jackets and boots:

In the present time if you don’t own a bomber jacket and a pair of boots then you must have a visit to your boutique to get them. Bomber jackets and boots are a very famous fashion trend. The jacket is loose, comfortable, warm, and looks amazingly sexy. In fact, the bomber jacket can be worn in both autumn or winter to enhance your looks.

  • High, Over knee boots:

High, over-the-knee boots are a must-have for every woman. They are trendy and work well with almost every outfit whatever the colors are. The most trendy example to wear them is to get a cowl-necked sweater and a long coat to have a gorgeous wintry finish that looks fabulous in cold weather.

  • Lace-up Top:

If you don’t have a lace-up top in your wardrobe then you are missing out on the very fashionable and trendy outfit for the summers. These tops are undoubtedly sexy without being too much revealing. With the help of this top, you can add a very interesting look to any basic look.

  • The 20th-century look:

This outfit style takes you back to the 20th century. With loose cut-off jeans paired up with the platform shoes. This style was trendy and bounced back in the modern age and became trendy again. Exactly the same thing happened with many of the fashion trends from the 1970s-1980s.


In the present time, we can not ignore the fashion industry around us. If you do not follow the trends you are considered to be left behind. The same fashion statement is now involved in the face mask industry. Many people were tired of the basic surgical masks that made them move towards the innovative side to find alternatives to the masks. You can read more about it over the internet.

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