Motorcycle Jacket (Buyer’s Guide)

Motorcycle Jacket

Whether you wish to ride your motorcycle in the snow, rain, or ice through a short or long distance, you need a protective jacket. It is the second most crucial motorcycle clothing after a helmet.

Do you need help with what to look for in a jacket? This guide has comprehensive information to help you find the jacket that suits you and your riding style


The Features to Look Out For

The basic things you should look for in a motorcycle jacket include versatility, comfort, durability, and price. These features are a must-have for an average motorcycle jacket. Other features include:


The primary purpose of a jacket is to protect you. Whether you are a novice motorcyclist or an experienced rider, you must have a protective coat.

Therefore, knowing the material from which a jacket is made is vital. It determines the jacket’s strength against harsh weather, abrasions, wind, and other elements.

A good jacket is made of leather. Leather jackets look great and are durable, comfortable, and cheaper.

However, a better option, though more expensive, is a jacket made of textiles. They are more breathable, have armoured protection, and offer good water resistance. Any of the leather or textile material jackets serve just right.


A motorcycle jacket with no ventilation might work well in winter, but what happens when the hotter season comes? The coat isn’t like a regular piece of clothing. It is thick, rugged, and waterproof, a barrier between your body and fresh air.

The best jacket for you is one with excellent airflow. For ventilation, you will observe perforations in leather jackets, while textile jackets have mesh panelling.

Specific jacket designs allow you to close and open ventilation. This way, you do not have to buy different jackets for different seasons. But relatively close and open them as needed.


Especially at night or in foggy conditions, a visible motorcyclist is less prone to an accident. You can achieve visibility by buying a jacket with reflective panels, trims, and linings. The best motorcycle jacket will make your presence known to riders and other road users. has a vast collection of motorcycle jackets and other safety gear you might find interesting. Look out for safe, reflective, and solid materials that allow ventilation.

A bright, fluorescent colour is an excellent pick when buying a motorcycle jacket.

Snap closure

Good motorcycle jackets use a snap closure to secure the zipper after fastening. It is to prevent the front zipper from falling during a ride.

For a better experience, pick a jacket with a heavy-duty closure. Closures lock your zipper in place, allowing you to move freely and secure your stuff in the jacket.

Another alternative to a falling zipper is the hook and loop closure, which only holds up for a short time.

Snug fit

Your motorcycle jacket should fit you snugly. That is, it should be tight enough to secure the armour and loose enough to allow you to move comfortably.

When trying out a jacket before buying it, move your arms and neck to ensure you’re comfortable. A perfect jacket should have adjustable waist straps and an overall fitting.

The outer and neck region

An important feature the outer part of the jacket must have is water resistance, which is indispensable for rainy seasons. Some jackets are partially water-resistant, and please go for a fully water-resistant jacket; a jacket that absorbs water will cause discomfort.

Carefully observe the neck (collar) region. Rough or coarse material around the neck is discouraged. It will rub against your neck often; it should be soft and comfortable. Also, your jacket collar should not disturb your helmet. Go for a basic design that allows you to put on the helmet.


There is always something to carry with you when going for a ride, and you may not want to take a bag all the time. Choosing a jacket with multiple internal and external pockets would be best. Not all jackets have so many pockets; some have two, others more. This feature is essential but also depends on your preference. However, pockets are a great deal to have, even if you seldom use them.


As mentioned above, the essential features of motorcycle jackets are safety, comfort, versatility, and durability. These jackets can also be customized to suit your style and personality. Some of them may be quite expensive, but since they are designed to keep you safe, they are worth buying.

You should therefore use the information above to select the perfect, long-lasting vest for yourself.

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